Debilitation resonator currently does not work as described in tooltip.

Reduces the armor of enemies damaged by the trap by -50 for 2s. Debuff does not stack with other Debilitation Resonators.

This would imply that any mob hit by the trap for 2s will take increased damage from player and trap physical sources.
It does not. It works as follows

The first hit of a physical trap with this slotted doesn't apply the armor debuff in the calculation. e.g. a 100 damage trap that hits quickly on the first hit is 100 damage
The second hit of physical damage within 2s applies the armor debuff into the calculation of damage. e.g. 133 dmg on the second hit.

It does not increase the damage of players who deal physical damage within 2s unless it is slotted on Ice Shard. On 4 tested traps Brimstone, Cursed, Grinder,scorcher it does nothing for player damage. This is directly contrary to the tooltip or bugged.

Please update your tooltips on this resonator and the controlled resonator as well as oziel.

"Increases the trap's damage to stunned, slowed or rooted enemies by 30%" - From the wiki

"Increases the trap's damage to stunned or rooted enemies by 30%" - In game

Recent tests from Timemaster show the wiki tooltip is correct and the in game is wrong. In what world is a wiki updated to be more accurate than the in game information.

Oziel stacks tooltip not updated for 2.4.

Shade what gives with this man? You have to realize obviously being a gamer yourself, this kind of inconsistency is really frustrating for the player base.


  • DaTeddyBearDaTeddyBear Member
    edited September 2017
    This thread is about the definition not including slowed in the description.

    A small problem but a deep description could only mean one thing. Since no player who've made there account then in 30 minutes post a detailed thread with quotes and evidence.

    Thus in conclusion it's a player who've made an bonus account to complain. So it's ---.

    Note by moderator: Player name removed.
  • sashimiaksashimiak Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Thank you for reporting the issue. I have passed it along to the team.
    German Community Manager
  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    Thanks for the kind words :)

    I'm a bit confused about your statements though, I tested that part quite a lot, although to be completely honest, not with many different traps. However, every test I did, I came to the conclusion that it indeed does boost the damage from all (?) physical heroes for about 2 seconds.

    I understand the debilitation resonator as the hit that applies it (the first hit from a trap with the resonator to a  mob) doesn't get the bonus, deals damage and after that it adds the debuff. Otherwise it would make no sense and be quite OP (more than it already is :P) In scorcher it definetely works, been using it for a couple months with it intensiveley.

    PD: You better don't want to know all the stuff that is inconsistent right now... After going through every tooltip and a lot of other texts, it's quite depressing hehe. However, I documented most of it and I did many reports already and more will come when I get some time to do it. Robot has been fixing a lot of the stuff I reported lately, so I still have some faith :)

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