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Hello everyone! As discussed in this topic:, I wanted to split the suggestion @Xarkies made since I find it quite interesting:

...Or a system to rate a player 5 stars. After like he collects 100 stars he gets  300-500 skulls? Something like that to maybe make players play better and cooperate so that they can get stars and the extra skulls (rating players after the match, where one can get 10 stars in total if both players rate him 5 stars)? 

So what Xarkies suggests is a way for players to rate their teammates after a match. I think this could be an interesting balance to reporting bad players. It would be a positive counter, so to speak and would potentially motivate people to stay friendly and focus on teamwork even if they get frustrated because something goes wrong. It's also a nice way to show your appreciation for a particularly helpful or friendly teammate. How do you guys like the idea?
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    Just like LoL or CS:GO ?

    I would have a better report system a thousand times before that, this game is co-op not competitive.

    Positive reinforcement is always good I guess though...

  • i don't like this idea.
    I swear, like a lot.
    I just don't want to be banned just because I'm premade with someone and we flame eachother (even as a joke) and a random doesn't understand it.
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    I like the idea of a rating system, because displaying each players average rating pre-match would be useful information to judge how competent my team mates are, however people shouldn't be getting banned for sucking at the game and getting a crap rating as a result. Being rewarded skulls and possibly chests every 100 or so stars would be a nice bonus to this system. 

    Support +1
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  • I'm torn on this.  I like the idea in the abstract.  I advocated to Epic to add a similar feature to Paragon back in the day.  But the Paragon playing community was way more toxic than what I've experienced playing OMDU.  Generally, folks playing OMDU are much more reasonable/rational.  The few players I've encountered while playing OMDU that were truly toxic - I don't think a positive reward system is going to move their needle.

    If you do implement a positive reward rating system, you need to exclude votes/ratings from people that are grouped together.  Otherwise, it will be abused.  If I can group with a buddy and we rate each other 5 stars every match we play together, it's not going to matter much what some random 3rd player thinks about how nicely we played with him.

    Reporting bad players is a no-win solution for Robot.  You shouldn't have play policeman, do investigations or such.  Just give us the ability to black list players that we don't want to play with again.  If someone is so toxic that everyone blacklists them, Robot might lose out on some revenue from a player that quits because he can't find a match anymore, but truly, that would be a benefit to the OMDU playing community as the overall quality of the player base will improve.
  • This kind of system could be abused, especially with guild members or friends who would just rate each other all the stars just for the sake of getting skulls. Meanwhile, there are people who just want to watch the world burn and give everyone no stars.
  • Well I meant it more as just a rating system for one to be able to get starts and chests... Not as a "system" you have no stars get banned kinda thing... Just a positive side so that one who plays and is regular at it, finds it easier and more rewarding to do so.
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