Loadout: More rooms for traps

Please. Seven is not enough. At least one more. PLEASE!


  • What if the diamond slot for traits (which currently fits all traits and provides no secondary bonus) could be used as either a trait or a trap slot? I'd like that
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    I've moved this over to suggestions and I will remind the team to take another look at possible ways to change the loadout. We have had several different suggestions surrounding the trap load out so it'll definitely be helpful to have some more input on this.
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  • Kinda late but maybe make it a dedicated support slot? For Healing Wells, Shields etc etc? Or Give Barricades their own dedicated slot since there is no map you woillnot bring them unless its maybe an apprentice or WM map 
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    Nice ideas @CuteAnduin, since support traps are the less popular and many players concider those as unnecessary, it could construct something for those forgetten traps.

    Support could be : coin forge, decoy, healing well, mana well, power generator, powerup damage, shield powerup, speed pad, summoner trap, trip wire and have their own slot in loadout.
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  • @Sou1Reaper Power Generator is kinda a weird trap that stemsmostly on the design of the trap imho. It rovides benefits only to the player placed it and not the whole team. But thats an issue for anoher thread

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