Are there any figures available for how many players get punished by reports?

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I'm curious about this.
With the clunky reporting feature and since they ask for time and date, the implied lack of tools to be able to actually check on player behaviour, I'm curious to know if reports actually do anything.

Trolling seems incredibly prevalent in rift lord, if you don't queue up with friends and I don't just mean bad players. People going afk, selling all your traps, hurling abuse and laughing as they let minions into the rift. I'm one of those people who fills in the report form every time, which takes far longer than it should and I end up filing 3 reports on average in an hours play session.


  • you won't get any feedback from the report, but I can tell you that a lot of people got suspension from those report
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    Every report is followed up by our support and players who have disregarded or broken our Rules & Guidelines will be punished accordingly.
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    sashimiak said:
    Every report is followed up by our support and players who have disregarded or broken our Rules & Guidelines will be punished accordingly.
    I wanted figures because that gives more than just a "yeah, we're totally working on it guys".

    Also, what is "punished accordingly"?
    "Alright, so this is the 700th game you've ruined. Another 24,300 and we'll have to give you a 1 day suspension and after that, it will only be another 75,000 warnings before we have to consider banning you.....for a week." - Exaggeration but depending on who makes the rules, that could be "punished accordingly". Your statement gives me no idea how effective the procedures are.

    Perhaps I'm just unlucky but based on my own experiences with playing at Rift Lord, I'd have to say that the punishments are far, far too lax.
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    Could be helpful and interesting if we could get the rules followed for the different infringements and the different actions taken accordingly.

    I saw it before in some games, something like:

    - Minor infringement
    • warning
    • 1-day
    • 3-day
    • 1-week
    • 1-month
    • perm

    - infringement
    • 1-day
    • 3-day
    • 1-week
    • perm

    - Severe infringement
    • 1-week
    • perm

    Each bullet being the consecutive actions taken if the player does it again or infringes some rule again.
  • Due to the lack of reporting in game (on PS4 at least), I imagine a lot of players just don't bother to report bad behavior. I've had a few players sit at the rift using abilities or jumping from time to time, seemingly just waiting for myself and the other player to win so they can get rewards while mostly being afk. I don't expect many people are going to record the time and player name then use their phone or PC to report them, so they will mostly get away with it. It's much easier to move on and forget about it. If there were a rating option post game, I could see it being used regularly. 

    Luckily I don't actually run into problem players very often, so I can see why it might not be high priority to add an in-game reporting feature.
  • I don't agree with devs telling us publicly the breakdown of there enforcements in most cases.  The way I see it, player's will just have a clear cut guildline to how far they can push it before being permanently banned.  I think the only scenario where it would benefit us to get this kind of information is if they are doling out severe and swift bans.  It'd be a kind of warning to scare some of the on the fence players into playing a little nicer.
  • i doubt that you can do anything to be perma banned.
    the only issue where i can see a few days ban would be toxic in chat (and that's not even a PS4 problem)
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