Just make a load more maps. Make them lower quality if you like.

This game's longevity is determined by it's map variety.
At Rift Lord level, there's a very shallow map pool (not even all the maps) and it's narrowed even further by the queuing system.

I'm personally getting bored with the same missions over and over. If my team doesn't troll, the only reason we won't get 5 stars is because of the par time and that's because we know the strategies. They're mapped out, those levels have been figured out, calculated and solved.


  • The devs have mentionned that new maps were in the work, and would probably be released in an upcoming update. Let's hope it's gonna be in the next one, and that the next patch will come soon! I too am growing bored of the content we have right now. As it goes, more traps and gear would be appreciated too; I've unlocked everything and soon I'll have no real incentive to play anymore.
  • New Maps will be added with 2.5 also including Yi-Lin.
    I don't think that we will get the patch this year.
  • It would be great if they would add some East-Asian themed maps, maybe including some Lore-like information about Midnight and new orcs-ninja skins and samurai-order skins. I would love this one <3
  • I would not mind seeing a Variant of some maps, Like say, "The Wall" Have the normal level and then in RL or something have a re-skinned level, Where there can be destroyed walls, and floors and blocked off pathways and opened new ones, and walls in the process of being repaired ECT. Making it so that there would have to be different areas in the same map that has to be used by use of un-usable spaces being broken ect. By doing this and making a remake of a level that is already around, it would not talk a lot of time ALSO it would give some more play styles and gameplay, BUT whatever the dev team does PLEASE make sure it acts like a different level! Don't do what you did on Throne room and just throw grating on the floors everywhere were to make the gameplay harder for players... You could have had two levels that looked the same but acted differently, that would not have been a bad thing, having the new style of the throne room in RL and having the old style in lower levels. This would show progression and change while also still allowing players to replay the old style maps at lower difficulty levels for nostalgia resins if nothing else!
  • JacowboyJacowboy Member, Early Access
    Axony said:
    New Maps will be added with 2.5 also including Yi-Lin.
    I don't think that we will get the patch this year.
    Have they announced no more patches 'til next year? 'cause that doesn't sound right at all... it's usually a monthly schedule, barring any unexpected priorities.
  • @Jacowboy
    Harmonia said:

    There is some short-term pain to get the PC and PS4 updates synchronized, however. In order to achieve this, we'll need to break our regular monthly update cycle for September and there will not be another update for the PC until October. The extra wait is not ideal, but the end result will be our largest OMDU update yet, and it will be available to both platforms at the same time. Harmonia will dig into the details soon, but expect to see some of the great new content you've been asking for, some new features, a new community event, and perhaps even a certain “coming soon” hero! Oh, and PC players, we'll finally get our long-promised Discord integration into the October release.

    From the post here

    In short sometime next month

  • Honestly, this game is nothing but quality in my eyes. Well done maps with additional, superfluous little side areas to see, animations that are wonderful to look at, voice acting that is worth listening to. You name it.(besides patch notes :p) The only thing i think the games needs more of, besides a quality of life change here or there, is more traps. Running a map several times is fun since there are usually many places to set up kill boxes but i usually only use a hand full of traps at a given time. I'd like to take something other than floor scorcher and viscous tar into every mission i go into.
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