Highlands and Avalanche Endless 5 Stars - Solo

I wanted to share both of these awhile ago. Been busy with work and whatnot, but I thought you guys might to see how I 5 star the new rift lord endless maps. Comment here or on my videos be glad to share my thoughts with you all. I waas streaming so that is why I would be talking to my viewers during these runs.




  • That's a great job guy. Maybe use great barricades is much better for put more traps and beat them all easier. I'm almost never using big game traps but still working. Circling the rift with barricades on highlands is better for prevent some flips over barricades.

    This method in highlands is the strongest yes, some variations on my build, reached wave 31 easily with gabriella and 25 rifts points.
    Unfortunately, spend most of my consumables and unchained for other waves and lost it.

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