The List of OutDated Videos/ Description and video tutorial inconsistancy.

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So when I begun playing the game, about one month ago, I was confused with the Rumrudder Guardian. Its description says "+35% dmg and an aura at home", but Nananea in video says "+35% health and damage at home". Which one is correct? 

Today i have seen also Rocbionics saying that Ivy's passive video and description are different [link :]
I have seen also Overloadtrap being old. In video it still disables tar traps and in description is written: Disables only damaging traps. 

Its nice of you Devs that you have in-game video tutorials, but implementing it can backfire after too much changes and result in players confusion. 

So if anyone of you players have found anything more, post it here please and lets hope for some massive videos update in oktober. Thank you for your attention.
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    Thank you for pointing these out, I have passed it along to the team! 
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