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I'm a new player to OMDU, play time roughly around 10 days, currently lv66 (already :tongue: ).

I've spent some money on the STARTER PACK and I wanted the Temper & Deadeye skins. Having that said, I am a bit underwhelmed by the skins. I was hoping for more. Since they worth real money, maybe I was expecting too much; ie new dance moves, new effects, different loading screen. In my opinion, I wish that'd be the case, maybe least would be a loading screen according to the skin instead of the original skin. I would really hope something like this can be done to skins so it can be more interesting instead of just new cosmetic.
1. New dance moves for skins would be so cool
2. New effects would be nice according to the theme of the skin
3. Show the skin during the loading screen instead of the original skin

Oh, I think Temper Forged Fury is a bit of a disappointment comparing to the skin art. I was hoping for more red/orange on his armor since it shows on the art. Well, I still bought the skin cos I thought it's pretty cool. Just some detail needs to be tuned up I guess.
Also, I was looking forward to Deadeye's skin: The Good, The Bad, And The Deadeye, since it quickly becomes my favorite hero. I thought the effects of her projectiles would be bullets instead of her regular arrows and the sound effects would be gun sounds, which I was wrong. That'll be something I really really hope to be implemented into the skin.

I also have all the Tough Guy Vanity Chest skins too :smiley:  
They are badass! Yet, as mentioned above, I wish they have something special, like different effects.
*ie  IVY: shoots dark green arrows. dark brown thorns on her E ability.
      HOGARTH: black ice on frosted minions and black ice on his Q ability. 
      OZIEL: when he collect souls, the souls are white skulls, less purple to suit the skeleton them
      GABRIELLA: maybe instead of hearts when she allures minions, make it mini cute skulls/w hearts instead to suit the theme and skulls around her waist

So those are my thoughts and suggestions on skins. I hope it can help to make the game better. Thanks :)

I feel like Deadeye's Infamous ability effect is a bit too much, especially when you're on low heath, the whole screen just turns darker and red, it's really hard to see. Maybe tone down the black & red particles around the HUB a bit?
By any chance, just like other defense games, show all the possible minions that will appear in the battleground info and show minions that will appear in the next wave during the game. This can be very helpful. It can be helpful for newer players too; easier to do daily quests, ie the assassination quests and killing quests. 

Thanks so much for this amazing game! :)
Feel free to add me ; )
Zlayr   [EUW time zone]

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    Thank you for supporting the game and sharing your ideas and feedback! I will pass this along to the team :-)
    German Community Manager
  • Don't forget about the dyes. Even if you give certain skins unique effects, they might not fit with the dyes.
  • I'm aware of the dyes. I just hope skins will have some special effects that will suit the theme of the skins. I think skins should be exclusive and prestigious.
    And about dyes, effects can fit in easily due to the theme of the skin. Dyes should be a change in the look of the skin and character as they are at the moment, not necessarily giving it different colored effects, but it would be pretty cool to have.
    Feel free to add me ; )
    Zlayr   [EUW time zone]

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