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So I've recently started trying to think more outside the box about my trap setups.  In my recent adventures, I started using Fire Cracker and Floor Scorcher more which has led me to consider the Heat Activated Trigger.  Now, as far as I can tell, it applies to resetting a trap based on a burning enemy crossing into the trigger range of a trap on cooldown.  This seems to me to be best utilized on a Ceiling Balista in most cases, but I have read that it does not work.  My search shows that it has been like this for a while.  Why is it still an option to equip this then?  Is this a long standing glitch devs haven't worked out?  Is there no intention for it to work?  If so, why is it still an option to equip?  I'd like some insight if possible, thanks.  Also while I'm asking, can I get clarification that the trap has a 10% chance to reset each time a burning enemy enters the trigger range regardless of whether it entered burning, or was set ablaze while already in the area.  Also, does an burning enemy that extinguishs and is reignited apply for a secondary 10%?

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  • Hello, i think the nearby burning minions refers to all those within an area of like 2 spike traps (4x4 cells) and in height too.
    I see most of the time ceiling traps like concussive pounder (with 4 cells in height) works perfectly with it but those put too high doesn't (like ballistas or shock zapper).

    Burning refers to any source of fire damage over time, each enemies has a 10% chance to active the trap independently (same for Kinetic Reclaimer). After a reset, all burning minions will roll again the 10% chance like 1 second later. After 3 resets i think, the cooldown will be the normal one.

  • Awesome, thanks for the explanation!  Just for a tiny little verification since I'm only about 96% sure it is the case, the trigger of entering the range applies to anytime it enters range, not specifically the max range correct?  So like my diagram here (http://i97.photobucket.com/albums/l201/iamssjvash/ORCS VISUAL AIDE_zps3nhapbgx.png) shows a cooridor where the orcs are in range, but out of line of sight they still trigger when entering at a close range.  So if I can weave them in and out of LoS somehow they'll keep retriggering it?

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