Different Color for Minions that don't score Rift Points

Atm minimap has 2 colors a) Red for Normal Minions and b) Yellow for Minions that can destroy Barricades

It been quite a few time i had a small heart attack on a map i try to 5* seeing red minions approaching the rift and having to acess how they passed only to run and see they are pride hunters.


  • hard to change it because some yellow minions score riftpoints and some don't
  • Those jumping over barricades are worth nothing like hunters (red) , grenadiers (yellow).
    Those who can't will worth rift points regardless the color (except firelings maybe).

  • Sou1Reaper, got the idea,

    if the minion jump over a cade, he`s worth nothing. and also Pride hunter do have a special sound when the spawn
  • Just put a border around the red or yellow circle. Blue border = no score.  Then it doesnt even matter if its a red or yellow non-scoring minion.
  • Or change the shape of the marker. For example, a diamond shape for minions who don't score Rift Points. There are a lot a possibilities to make the minimap more useful. Can you believe that there was a time when we didn't even have yellow dots? TNT archers were the same color as everybody else and made no sound when spawning. They were a nightmare. It's hard to imagine a world without yellow markers now that they've become a thing... And I think it would be the same if hunter minions were marked differently too.
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    Hi everybody,

    You're making some interesting points about the markers, so I moved this discussion to the suggestion box ;)

    Don't hesitate to discuss this topic further, I will share your ideas with the team!

    French Community Manager
  • I can see this argument being quite valid especially early game.  By the time you're doing master or rift lord difficulty it may seem paltry, but I think this game isn't as newbie friendly as it could be.  I feel like the primary reason I had an easier time of it was due to my experiences with OMD1&2, but I tried to get a couple friends to play with little avail thanks to the difficulty curve (keeping in mind that this was when the game was trying to still focus on siege mode with little success).  I will admit that by now I have most waves memorized, but even then I might not hear the spawning sounds or notice spawns moving in areas if I am preoccupied.  Basically, I think most veterans will barely even care, but I do believe it is of note and worth looking into for newer players especially.
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