[BUG/GLITCH] Getting stuck on Shark Island - Smolder/Maximilian - Chaos Trial/Survival

: In-game, Master Chaos Trial (5 rift points, presistent rubble, rush timer), Shark Island, Smolder
: Shark Island
Launch the map 
Play until wave where the top-right entarence opens
when the ship arrives, before the door opens stand on the place where door is about to fall.
- Poof, you are stuck.
 Rate: I managed to do this 2 times out of two tries, ones on CT and other in survival with Smolder and Max so hero probably doesn't matter.
: You can't move. Orcs can hit you, they can kill you, that restarts your position and frees you, but with Smolder and her passive ability it doesnt work. I lost chaos trial because of this xd. This probably can happen on other maps that uses the same entrances
 Results: Appear above the falling door, just like that happens, when you stand on place where a plank is about to spawn (to connect map with the in coming ship, like in other entrances on this map). It is not a problem there, because most ppl would not want to check out what happens when you stand there (unlike me...), but it may cause problems in the future, by implementing something else/new.


  • Just a reminder to die press Alt K.
  • Oh, thats useful
  • KulinaKulina Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Hello Gryfin123,

    Thanks a lot for this report. Our team will look into this bug asap!

    French Community Manager
  • Oh  i dont have video/screens to back it up but on Shark Island when the Bottom Left gate opens and if you go on the bridge immediately after it fall down after 1-2 sec you are placed below it and suicide. I would say its a collision problem most likely. 
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