PS4: Stuck at Submitting In 0...

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Playing on the PS4...  My game keeps getting stuck at "Submitting in 0..." and won't put me into or find me a match...
I have tried restarting the game completely and even cold booting my PS4.  Network is fine on my end.  Any ideas?
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    at the entrance to the game there is a countdown from 5 to 0, then freezes and so in any mode, sabotage, survival
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    are you on steam/Standalone client or PS4 ?
  • Hello! Sorry for my english, i'm from Russia. I have a trouble, when i push Find game, timer count 5...4...3...2...1...0... and freeze on zero. I wait about 5 minutes, and nothing happend. Try restart game, restart PS4... same trouble. Solo matches starts normally.
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    Hello y'all! 

    Thank you for reporting this to us! We do apologize you are having troubles using the Matchmaker to submit into a match, and have passed this information over to our Technical teams, they are investigating this now- if you continue to expeince the error and have not done so- please feel free to submit a support ticket to with your PSN Username and we can look further into possible connectivity issues when finding matches.
  • Ticket submitted as it is still occuring
  • I have also submittied a ticket, I’m having the same issue just randomly started occurring hope it gets fixed, can’t do my daily. 
  • Same here.  Totally losing out on a Rift Chest and that sucks.
  • No matter what I do it gets stuck at "submitting 0". I can't play a single game online because of this.....what gives?!?!?!
  • Wonder if it has something to do with the Charter outage affecting most of the south today. 
  • I'm in the north so not sure that would be a problem for me.
  • I'm having it not even go into the submitting part now. Just goes gray and makes me have to restart the game.
  • are you on steam/Standalone client or PS4 ?
    Sorry, Ps 4
  • I am having the same issue on PS4, game sticks at "Submitting in 0".  Wanted to complete my daily tasks and can't.  
  • Sigh Ive had this problem for a day and change be lucky it just started
  • I am having the same issue on PS4, game sticks at "Submitting in 0".  Wanted to complete my daily tasks and can't.  
    I can not understand where to handle this problem (((
  • I am having this problem on PS4 also
  • Same problem here....
  • Same here, ps4 mr_easy_b, since sunday eve i could not start a multiplayer match 
  • Well...good to know its not just me...this single problem made me create this account XD
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