Banquet Hall Endless with Bloodspike, wave 54

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Hello guys, here i will show you how i've reached the 63.201.992 score with Bloodspike.

I bought him one day ago and I wanted to try an Endless map for the first time, so i've missed many Q ability (the Stunning Execution) ! and was doing some hard trolling Chaotic Kobold chases ^_^ ,didn't expect that mercenary :(.

I've beaten my Bionka's score here which was 56M at wave53. Same as here, some mistakes done but there are some heroes that can reach wave 55+ here even the slowest ones :).

Great Wall Barricades with Revenge Rune sure,
Viscous Tars with Mana Siphons,
Concussive Pounders with Combo Generator (+1 combo in average = +50% score),
Shock Zappers, Web Spinners and Floor Scorchers with Heat Actived Triggers,
Floor Scorchers and Arcane Bowling Ball (tier6) with Debilitation Resanators for physical armor reduction.

Recommend you to use Wall Building PhD to put yourself on it when low on health and trigger the Revenge Rune on the Biggest foe (replace your barricade at the end of the wave as much as possible to refresh the Revenge Rune burst).

Lol, that damage when Unchained, he hits so hard. Cleaning a wave 49 in few seconds.

Stats here :

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