Some ideas for game

Some suggestion as on last inside access was requested to give some:
1. Recycle maps for riftlord. Endgame dont have enough content. I played tons of RL chaos and playing same maps getting boring(update: I am bored of lack of content for late game, since I am not very interested in sabotage-personal unpreference). Please recycle maps from other difficult levels. It is small amount of work for so much replay-ability to play.

2. Avalanche map: is it bug or ,,it is not a but, it is a feature,, that minions can go through entrance with snow near rift?

3. Moneybags: Bring back Moneybags. I thing this is one of best mechanics in game, but not use. Player can chose to kill moneybag for coins or he have to spend their time defending. If you dont want to change current maps, add them as CT modificator or bring him as mercenary.

4. Wave waiting for last minion. It can be nice on small maps and some maps have tolerance to not wait for every minion to start new wave, but Surrounded, larges map have to wait of every last of them. This map is huge and take lot of time. It would be nice to change limit on live minion before start of next wave on those large maps. Best would be to have future, start next wave earlier. It could be same as end "go break".

5. When is next go break? I dont remember every map and sometime i wonder when will be next go break so I can modify my trap setup. So it would be nice to have some kind of information about it. I know, it is not big deal, but it would be nice for quality of life. It could be written in score tab accessible under ,,Tab,, . It would be easiest solution as there is information about time limit for map.

6. Game is old and have lot of people who finished all content. Start considering adding next lvl of dificulty and adding T8 and T9 for traps, since lot of players dont have stuff to farm. Lot of them have farmed stuff they dont want, just to collect. F2P games are about farm, you just dont want to finish game. I like this game and have played hundreds of hours, cooperative games are so rare, but lately i feel little bit complete.

7. CT modificators could be little bit more fun adding positive effect. Bomb modificator could do dmg not only to your teammates and barricades but also to enemy minions. This could do change gameplay a lot if dmg would be balanced. Not just run to non baricade area. Similar to healing aura, it could heal you and your allies also.

8. Events. Sorry guys but those events are not very interesting, since it is group work. Those rewards just happen. I start playing some other F2P game. It is more P2Win so I bet they have much bigger income, but still those events they have. Those events could be small, like half price of daily deals/double amount of offers. Extra giblets from chests, one fixed modificator for CT in every key, fire week - all fire do double dmg, reset hero chests for 3 heroes.

9. I say it in point 1 and 6. But we need lot of more content to play/farm. I have concern about your profit, maybe you are fine, but this F2P game is the most F of all games I played. For example I play HotS(Blizzard moba) and they add hero every 3 weeks or so. You can farm this hero with daily quests for 3 weeks or you can buy it. So if you are F player you have still what to farm and if dont wont to wait or farm, you have stuff to buy. So my idea is bring more maps, make quest to unlock it that request some effort, some farm or you can buy and unlock it in day 1. This could give you enough money to hire guy who would do more maps.

10. In Inside Access you sad that modding or map editor will not probably happen. Modding would be mess with online stuff and I bet you dont have map editor and you create map from scratch in some kind of 3d editor and it takes lot of time. Maybe you could consider to give players full control over waves and modifications. My idea is that one player could create this wave/mod setup and others would play it. It is quite unfinished idea, because balance of creation so there would need to be some kind of evaluation if reward would be considered.

11. I am not very big fan of sabotage, but why you dont add modificators from CT to sabotage? Similar to spells and minions, there could be some 2 wave long modificator for example.


  • Point 2. Back in Beta (pre patch v1.6)the bottom left entrance of the Rift room in Avalanche was closed. It was opened up on purpose. This is not a bug. 
  • yobbobear said:
    Point 2. Back in Beta (pre patch v1.6)the bottom left entrance of the Rift room in Avalanche was closed. It was opened up on purpose. This is not a bug. 
    Yes i remember when it was closed and after patch it was "opened". But map/entrance didn't changed, it looks like some one updated minions walking/patch-finding algorithm. I tried to look into patch notes with no luck also, patch notes were very general at that time. So it was purpose or side effect? And if it was purpose would not better to clear entrance so it is obvious it is not blocked?
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