What are your likes/Dislikes about Gabriella?

While you're at it. What're some stupid, ridiculous things about her as well, If you can think of any.


  • Like her primary attack: it's quite precise and very powerful. Like her secondary: it's probably the best in the game. Like her base speed.

    Dislike her Mesmerize ability, which is basically a version of Ivy's root ability that is worse in every aspect. Dislike her passive, which is pretty useless and unimaginative. Dislike her special trap, that could be so great but is effectively one of the worst traps in the game, basically a waste of a loadout space in any situation.

    Her blink is alright. It's definitely better now that it can be aimed, but I feel like it's too short to be really satisfying on its own, and has too big a cooldown and a mana cost to be really satisfying to use. It's just a movement ability, after all... Taking the double blink weaver makes it much more satisfying to use, but it should be good without having to choose a weaver that will not really help you manage the waves of enemies...

    Another good point: if you like her, she definitely has a looot of skins! Some other heroes must be jealous...

    Overall a solid character that can be efficient in most scenario, perfect as a starter hero; but I find it pretty disappointing that her being good is only because her left and right click abilities are so powerful that they can carry all her other aspects, which are all very underwhelming.

  • I tend to have gone back and forth on Gabby through my time playing the game, but right now I really like her. Blink is amazing now, I don't quite see why people have an issue using it (Though sometimes I find myself blinking in place, which doesn't help that much). My only wish for Blink as a whole right now is that you didn't fall like a rock during it while it's used in the air.

    Like Donnerstag as already stated, her Primary and secondary skills are in a very good place right now. Though I've given Mesmerize a lot of fish back when I first started because I didn't really understand how to use it well. Only really seeing it's use when a teammate dies and nearly negating that rally the orcs tend to get from it (providing they're not damaged/don't have the T4 weaver). However, lately I find myself using it ahead of my killbox, allowing the previous orcs to catch up, and getting them all clumped together for the traps to sack them all at once. If they survive, you have a very trusty right click. Though it does take it's toll on the mana, there are ways around that.

    I honestly think the changes the Robot team have made to her are excellent lately, and really brings her up to speed. I don't think I could be more pleased. Though her passive isn't amazing (especially for someone who neglects the unchained feature quite often), it's very helpful when you really need it. Unlike someone else that comes to mind... (Looking at you, Ivy. I love you, girl, but fish... Your passive needs some work.)
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  • Personally, I generally like most aspects of her.  I tend to use her Kinetic Pulse most of the time and rarely use Devious Allure but I believe that to be mostly my play style.  If there was one thing I had to pick as a dislike, I would swap one of her tier II and tier III talents because I find tier II largely lackluster for my playstyle.  Since I sometimes go a whole match without using Devious Allure once, tier II being composed entirely of Devious Allure upgrades is a waste for me.  I would likely prefer swapping Power Word with Power From Control to balance for players trying to specialize in a specific move in matches.
  • xciencexcience Member, Early Access

    TLDR : I like her and she still has a place but where she truly shined which was End game took a hit. Essentially taking what I consider a deceptively high tactical skill char and making her more appealing to new players by adding unneeded mobility and heal.

    For starters ..... shes a starter character. She has a lot of great potential and works well in kill boxes and bunching up people before them ( although this aspect recently took a large hit for late gamers). In this regard she suffers from people using her a lot when they first start while at the same time not really having any idea just how powerful her skills really are. Until they develop good kill box strategy and flush out their traps she will seem lack luster. Her new blink skill for these players will seem like a huge buff because they never have to use it for its key component of crowd control, and a heal has lazily been added to it. Lets face it adding a heal component to any ability it will make it vastly improved and is lazy design.

    For better or worse she still shines for master and rift lord level gameplay especially once you develop your arcane traps. By taking the stun on her blink, extending the duration of mez, and making mez persist though damage you essentially can chain stun mobs for the duration of your unchained bar. You would basically (literally) jump forward into the mob and before you hit the ground hit blink to send you backwards. Then mez and repeat. This is extremely hard if not a gamble to do now due to the fact that blink is now very hard to blink backwards mid air( if not completely unresponsive). This was a very strong tactic in late game endless and CT but due to the fact things can start to nearly one shot you jumping in and doing this is not feasible anymore.

    Tips for new players:
    * Use mesmerize before your traps to bunch up units. Then wait for mob to exit killbox and kinetic pulse them back through it.
    * If you use kinetic pulse then use your unchained you can use it again. save unchained for emergency pulse usage.

    * Your kinetic pulse respawns your summoner traps unit. if he dies you can pulse him back to life in a pinch.

    * The more dense your traps are in an area the more useful your kinetic pulse will be so small or cheap traps will be very useful. Using ice traps with balistas (with an ice resonator) in a small space will murderface any dense mob. the pulse will set off all the balistas at once and there will be a high chance you will freeze something for bonus damage.
    * Additional spike traps before you kill box will be very effective due to your knock back of pulse.

    * Once you build up some archane traps her damage goes up considerably so retry her later once you can put that together.

  • She doses no damage. Squishy. Unchained doesn't help much.
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  • I like that she's almost as versatile as Max, and that she's a sort of variation of Ivy.

    I don't like that Blink stunning enemies is no longer a default ability, as it used to be.   Having the ability to unconditionally stun enemies for a brief period of time was very useful and strategic.   I also don't like that the Gibeletize power, while interesting, seems largely useless. 

    I'm ambivalent on the newer voice lines as they kinda alter her character.
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