Stinkeye. Explain, please.

How does acolyte advantage upgrade work? When does it activate?


  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    This might be better on the Q&A section but:

    The upgrade gives you a health regeneration buff when you are near a Totem placed by you or near an allied hero. It doesn't stack itself and it doesn't have a duration, it's active only while you are near enough one of the mentioned. 

    You can see the buff active right in top of the Health Bar (left side) with the rest of buffs. You can also hover over them to read their description.

    If I remember correctly, the distance is about 1.5-2 blocks? More like a guess though, should be easy to check.
  • Keep in mind that if you hold down control you can move the mouse freely and read the descriptions of the buffs you have that TimeMaster mentioned.  I did not know this for quite a while, so it can help you learn a lot by just stopping and reading the various buffs that pop up if you have a free moment.
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