Why buffing those fire elementals??

I dont know if you noticed this broken thing in sabotage.. But fire elementals are 100% victory if you send them in Sudden death. Probably thats why since this update came out high rank players dont play that much. Because those elementals are so goddamn broken its beyond humans wits and they are afraid to lose just because of someones luck to get those elementals... And if youre high rank (like me) youre super afraid of some low rank to get those elementals and get free victory just because of them...(for those who dont understand.. you get 50 victories in row and you get like 10 places up in the top.. then you lose one and lose like 30) Now I lost like 3 games since the update because of these broken creatures... So there is only purpose bombers have, destroy cades... But somehow.. Bombers deal lower damage, they arent so fast and they definitely arent so tanky and dont have "PREFORM" that gets them right inside the barricading which leads to destruction of your core barricades. Basically devs.. you can remove bombers they have no purpose in this game. If you want to make your goddamn game proper and about skill bring the nerf hammer at these.. its insane and everyone I know in high rank places is saying that these fire elementals are serious BULLSHIT. Consider this... You piss of with this alot of people and Im considering uninstalling the game I love just because of this one SUPER BROKEN thing... I seriously have no idea, who came up with this buff, but that person is seriously insane, no joke..

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  • well good to know they will finally remove that bug.. spawning back at place they were thrown from.. that will help alot at some maps, but in some maps there is no enviroment to get thrown into.. but still damage tables are insane.. if you kill one of fire elementals in the middle of your maze or something in sudden death, game is basically over for you, there is nothing you can do with those, no strategy will help you, and if you think there is strategy to counter it, youre lying to yourself. I know youre high rank, but you cant prevent it from happening if other team waits some time until your kill box gets filled so you cant see through it and accidentally kill one of those in the middle of your maze all your barricades are done.
  • sashimiaksashimiak Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Hey there and thank you for the feedback. As TimeMaster pointed out, they will be changed again quite soon. We get that they are currently causing some frustration among players and the Design Team have listened and are reacting accordingly so let us know how you like the changes once they are live.  :)
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