"Allow selling traps to allies" as default option

its some time I was thinking about this, but it would be really nice if new players had automatically turned on option that allows allies selling traps. Its really sad to play sabotage with a guy that has tier 2 traps and level 10, has no idea what to do and places wrong barricades (once I had guy on my team that was like level 10+- and he had 50/85 traps just spikes which me and my teammate couldnt sell so it was really frustrating to play that game), no matter how good youre, there is no way you win then and of course with that comes heavy demote. What I suggest is to set that option as default for every new player (of course they can turn it off) but yeah, people have no idea there is such option when they start this game, and I believe either high rank players and high level players would appritiate this.


  • There is a hot key on PC mine is # but it is different for everyone.

    Also we have had this suggestion before and mostly everyone agrees to have it defaulted. But I think it always helpful that people know the hot key as soon as possible.
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  • ye mine is " but still.. it should be default option for newbies, on europe servers most people dont even speak english, or they act like they dont, so even if you tell them to turn it on, they will just ignore you and place whatever they please and basically "grief" your game
  • The problem with having that option on by default will be that new player will get in a game and some people are goiing just goiing to sell their traps to place their own without any explanation, and that will create a bad experience for new players
  • Alright, so you want rather active players to stop playing instead of new people, good point
  • active and older player, are more likely to continue playing after 2-3 bad teammates, new player are more likely to quit faster after 2-3 toxic teammates.

    that way it also give a chance for the older player and more experience player, to teach the new player.

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    Matoho said:
    Alright, so you want rather active players to stop playing instead of new people, good point
    I doubt that is actually the case.  I am also against this being a default option.  I think that maybe better information regarding making this obvious for new players is a better solution.
  • I dont know how long you play or anything but look.. Ill explain why the most devoted players will quit. Im in top 100 europe k? And I get game against people from like.. Gold 5 lets say.. This guy with level 10 I got on my team has no idea what he is doing, doesnt speak enligsh (or maybe he just ignores me) comes in your game, you had 20 wins in row lets say, which is like 10 hours of my time (counting que up times in) and this guy comes in and totally destroys my game... My 10 hours of trying super hard goes to dust (when you lose to low ranks as high rank you get your hours and hours of hard work just blown away by one lose)...
    I remember people selling my traps when I was low level and they were higher, I accepted it because thats what, you do.. You learn and adapt... if youre ignorant piece of .... that is playing only because "HE" wants to have fun and doesnt care about fun of his team, dont play this game, I dont care about people like these and I have no clue why anyone should tolerate this ignorance. Seriously if you cant accept more experianced players dont even try to get in sabotage then... Play your survivals
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    I don't mean to bolster either side's argument here since I think both have some good points and merit. However I would like to point out that we have to keep in mind that not every new player who has the option off or doesn't react or respond to your posts is doing things out of spite or selfishness. Sometimes when we try out new games, especially if we are completely new to a genre, we can become quite overwhelmed and things do happen in a pretty rapid succession in sabotage. So if we imagine a scenario where an already confused new player suddenly has his traps removed by his teammates and doesn't know why or how on top of everything else that is happening around him or her, this will make a thoroughly unenjoyable experience for that newbie.
    However, your argument regarding rank loss gave me an idea. Bear in mind I am not a developer so I don't know how much work this would be or if it is even possible, but maybe we could make it so that a team that has a (non-premade) newbie on it will lose significantly less or no rank at all if they lose. "Newbie" could e. g. mean the player hasn't finished more than 5 games and such players could possibly be marked (e. g. by their name appearing in a different color to their teammates during the match) to let their more experiened teammates know "Hey, I'm new so if we lose it'll be ok but please relax and be patient!". I think something like this could alleviate stress for both sides and it could potentially be a nice way for new players to get familiar with sabotage without too much of a dire consequence for them or their team if they lose.
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  • This actually sounds pretty good, but still.. There should maybe be level redistriction not games, at least like level 40 because I feel like until that level people really have no idea what they are doing (Im talking here out of my experiance) or maybe if dev team comes up with some solution in mathematical way that compares both side levels and evaluate the "newbie". I mean If youre playing as 2 people and you get somebody with level lets say.. 40 and team against you is full of 90+ it should reduce the amout lost rank points.. Or something like that.. I believe if more heads tried to solve this problem something good would come out of it.. Because Im seriously tired of geting demoted from lets say top 100 to top 150 just by one lose cuz we had some unskillled player on our team.
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