Respawns after "knockback"

Are those bugs with respawns gonna ever be fixed? I just lost game in sabotage because minions I used "right click" with Gabrielle they got stuck into wall and respawned right into rift... I got demoted like 20 places just because of some trivial bug, that is here since start of the game.. It would be lovely if this bug got finally after sooooooooo long fixed... Seriously I won like 15 games in row to get those 20 places up.. Now I get one lose caused by goddamn bug and... I just want to quit once again...


  • Where? 

    What map?

    Some cases have been fixed, where this happens.
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  • Academy Sewers... On the EAST side.. I pushed them into wall (Im 100% sure not down to rift)... but also Haymaker does this when you place it on first spot available for ceiling traps.. It bugs them into stairs and then they respawn next to your guardian
  • KulinaKulina Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Hello Matoho,

    Thanks a lot for this report. Our team will look into this bug asap! In the meantime, it would be super useful for us if you could post a screenshot of the 2 spots where you ran into the bug in Academy Sewers.

    French Community Manager
  • On that map you have a portal there also, if they get push in it, or really near, they`ll take the portal 
  • Ill post it tomorrow.

    I didnt push them to portal, I saw them just lying next to wall and getting up, when they got up they just disappeared and on the minimap I just saw them entering rift from bottom side.. so yeah..
  • So here is the screenshot of places where this happened.
    Marker A - Place where Haymaker bugs minions into stair and they respawn next to guardian near the rift (not always but it happens frequently)
    Marker B - Place where I pushed them with Gabriellas "Right click" into wall and they spawned at rift (I saw them getting up, then they disappeared and appeared next to rift, maybe I really pushed them into portal but there was just this visual bug or something I have no clue)
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    Thanks a lot for the screenshot Matoho!
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  • With pleasure, I had one insane bug today that lost me game also with this kind of stuff, should I post about it in here or make new Bug Post?
  • Ill post it here in case you check here again.

    So this one happened to me today in Throne Room.
    Marker A: Represents unknown spawn of minions (I dont know how it happened but 2 minions just spawned on that place out of nowhere, my teammates told me, they definitely didnt use that wall activation trap mace, that mostly causes this bug)
    Marker B: The place where minions respawned after my teammates used that Mace Wall activation Trap (this is super old bug I thought its fixed, but its still there, so using that thing still isnt safe)
  • KulinaKulina Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Thanks for the second report! We'll look into this one as well ;)
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