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Hey guys I'm Aaron AKA SlayerAmok on PSN...feel free to add me I'm currently almost level 97 and looking for good people who game decent. Also a requirement is Teamwork! In matchmaking you'll be lucky to get  people who understand this concept. My guild is BLEED I'll take any level of experience as long as you're active and willing to improve. I'm really looking for good hearted people with a thirst for Bloooood lol. Douchebaggery, posterioresque behavior and other less than flattering character flaws will not be tolerated. Love and blessings to you all.......SlayerAmok.
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    Hey there and welcome to the forums! As you can see I edited your post and removed some of the more flowery aspects of your message ;) 

    Remember to keep things civil. I hope you find some nice members for your guild and keep on enjoying the game! 

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  • Hello SlayerAmok, i added you now as friend.
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