A proposal for a guild vs. guild mode

This is one way I imagine such a system could work:

The guild leader chooses a map on which their guild will be doing battle.
The system randomly picks a guild with an active leader as their opponent.
Now the guild leaders assign a number of modifiers for the opposing guild.

Each guild will receive a set of guild vs. guild keys which the guild leader can hand out to his chosen members.
These players can use the key to start a game just like they would use chaos trials keys and play together with their guild mates. 
The modifiers previously chosen by the opposing guild leader will randomly be assigned to the different keys (random so they do not stay 100% consistent)

Both guilds now have 1 week (might be too little time) to play their keys.
The amount of completed tiers and left over hearts determines which guild wins.

Prizes for the winning guild would be chosen by Robot.
However, a season model that rewards good guilds after each season would also be nice in this case.

This concludes the basic outline of how things could work.

Not every guild member can receive a key. Having 50 keys would simply be too much if the chaos trials system is used since only the owner's key would break whenever the key reaches 0 hearts.
The number of modifiers each guild leader can choose should be bigger than what a key can hold to facilitate some chance of variation (and to avoid an unwinable combination of modifiers or at least significantly decrease the chances of it).
Furthermore, participating guilds should meet a minimum requirement of members (perhaps 30 would be suitable)

I hope this will reach the devs and will be discussed.


  • Interesting idea using chaos trial for guild competitive. I would like to see it.

    Here are my comments:
    1. Randomly pick opponent guild? Why? There should be some kind of pattern in it. It is competitive, so it would request some ranking system. Random for start classification matches similar to sabotage system, but no after that.

    2. Guild leader chooses (map, modificators, ...) - No. Competitive needs to have same starting condition. Nobody should lose/win because you have stupid/clever GL. So all competitive condition should be same that everyone should get same key with same map/modifiers and same additional modifiers. Game should be fair.

    3a. Participants - Lets all participate, no one should be left alone. Give everyone key, but only top 10 teams count for guild score. Teams must be only from guild members(membership should be older than 2 weeks, so there would be no hired guys). Also teams must have different composition to score. If 3 guys play 3 GCT(Guild Chaos Key) together only best result will count for guild score. It is possible to get training with other people GCK but I am not so much dedicated to OMDU to play more than 2-3 CT per week and if anyone play more, so be it. You can have natural skill or dedication and training.

    3b. I dont see problem to have 50 keys, now i have so many keys that I dont know what to do with them. You could reduce CT key drop rate to compensate free GCT.

    4. I am glad you mentioned that completed tiers should determinate winning guild and not score. I dont know why you mentioned left over hearts since no hearts should left as all should try to reach highest tier and dont stop to save hearts.

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