[PC] Ninja Assault Nuns recruiting orcs, war mages, assasins, everyone is equal before The Rift Lord

Hello everyone, Ninja Assault Nuns is a new guild in OMDU that works with some new and inovative rules. So here goes:

Contact: ManceRader, Ragnarosorak
Timezones: GMT, GMT+2
Preffered Language : English, if you dont speak english you can join and we can teach you
What we look for in our guild members: active players (daily login), with at least gold rank in sabotage. polite people that look for fun and dont get offended by every little thing.
Voice chat: is optional but we strongly recommend it.

              So this is the most important part: since we played in some guilds before we decided to work arround the past problems and establish a new guild with a new state of mind. Every major decision will be made by vote (Preffered game mode, or any future decisions like kicks, join any union, or anything that concerns the whole guild). We also look for players that like this game and are looking to give constructive feedback everytime this is possible, we understand that frustration is an ever present problem and because of this we accept any criticism as good criticism. We are also very keen on learning so the perfect guildmate should also be very open to new things and new people ( so please dont try to impose your own way of thinking upon others, we embrace diversity here) since we are looking to establish a community not just a guild. 

             Hope to see you soon.
             Good luck and have fun.

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