Another respawn bug lose...

Im seriously done with this bug... Ive spent countless hours in sabotage grinding wins and wins... With my team we win like 90% of games but you know what is this 10%? Bugs... Respawn bugs.. Im seriously done with this how I always make it finally to some meaningful place in top players ranking but then? Bam! Bug respawn in 8/8 round and hello, welcome to the bottom of platinum 2 ranking.. Im not even counting how many times this already happened.. I lost like 15 games like this.. At minimal... Im not even gonna report places where this occured because it doesnt even matter.. the problem isnt about those places.. its problem of respawn coding.. I dont know how exactly did they do it but it is nonsense.. One more time this occurs Ill quit.. Wasting my time like this is pointless. This happened to me right now: Knocked minion on the cades -> He started sliding on those cades and suddenly disappeared and in next second he entered rift on the other side of the wall like 150 meters away.. I thought that Ive seen everything already but this one? Game itself is great but sabotage? Unrewarding and pointless grind.

Seriously with these bugs if youre unlucky you can just roll on the floor and cry.. Im frustrated as it gets, such a great game mode ruined by one neverending bug.


  • I got little too carried away, sorry Im kinda hothead when it comes to bugs like this,

    My point is - Please, focus on fixing bugs... I know youre working hard but please fix bugs before making new content, otherwise bugs will just multiply.. I believe most of players have the same opinion on this one
  • I saw your post about this before and I've been trying to recreate it a bit with no success.  The only thing I can say I can't replicate based off the screenshots and descriptions you posted in the other thread were your internet connection and PC setup.  I can't say I spent a lot of time trying, but what I did try didn't really give me any results, sorry.
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