Drawing into map while loading screen.

Ill keep this one short.

So I was wonder, if it would be possible, to add MAP into loading screen, which you could actually draw into. It would be helpful as goes for team coordination (like you could draw which places you want to barricade before game starts) and on the other hand some people might find it fun to kill some time while game is loading for them.


  • I don't know about manually drawing, it might be a bit inconsistent and people might troll by scribbling random crap everywhere. However if we had some premade icons for barricades, floor, celling, and wall traps to place, then i could see this being a useful addition, especially on PS4 where there's no in-game voice chat. 
  • Ye I was thinking about that one too (I forgot to take PS players in account tho).
  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    Doesn't sound very practical, since the loading screen times are different for each player depending on their PC performance or connection/region, etc. Pretty sure even PS4 have different times from different players.

    People with decent setups load within seconds, which would make the idea quite a bit hard to use.

    Also this could also make the loading times slower, and it seems like quite a few people has already troubles with that, adding more features to the loading screen would probably make it worse.

    What could be useful though, would be to be able to ping a different location that you aren't at. Like using Ctrl+ Click on the minimap.
  • Ye i was thingking maybe make loading screen like other games, like.. Until all players arent loaded you wont get to game, shouldnt be very complicated to make that. But yeah pings are pretty useful thing too.
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