This is a very opinionated ranking and it will definetly be proffesional I swear

Good - Everyone who is not Pride assasin or Gnoll breeder

Bad - THEM

Ok thats the ranking over, thanks for reading guys.
(No but seriously screw these guys)
"Remember! Gnoll dont have a union, when you harm a gnoll, it has no insurance!"


  • TeckTeck Member
    edited October 2017
    Oh man, super insightful ranking!  Lol, but really, what specifically do you think makes them OP?  As far as I can tell, it is mostly just a matter of being quick on reaction.  Some people can react in time some can not right?
  • Not a problem: everyone besides Image
    a problem: Image (because it bugs nearly all the time)
  • Oh yeah I completly forgot about Image, he glitched one time on orcatraz where the main mage was dead, but his illusions stuck around, so when we killed them, they just respawned, and the audio just kept going "IM JUST AN ILLUSION, GUESS AGAIN"

    But the main issue I have with them is A, Pride assasin basically means I need to drop EVERYTHING im doing, or be killed in seconds, B he runs away when I am close to killing him and he ALWAYS gets away, its really annoying as it feels like I worked towards NOTHING.

    Gnoll breeder is just an arse because of his gnolls not dying as quickly as it looks like they should, and easily swarming and killing me in seconds. Not fun
    "Remember! Gnoll dont have a union, when you harm a gnoll, it has no insurance!"
  • JacowboyJacowboy Member, Early Access
    Well, they're supposed to be hard :p

    I'm glad the created the mercs 'cause the hero-bots were boring and OP, at least the mercs are unique and really pose a genuine challenge, instead of killing yourself shooting at Moebot's shield... u_u
  • Moebot was so op that all 5 in-game level 20 characters got one shotted even unchained. RIP
    So this is how we add small words under our post/comments.
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