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Launch Week Community Blog

What an exciting week it has been for the Orcs Must Die! Unchained community and for us here at Robot Entertainment. We’re thrilled to see the community response to this update and hare having a lot of fun playing with the community. If you see someone with blue text in chat or a Robot icon in game, that’s someone from Robot Entertainment!

On Thursday we celebrated the game launch with you, the player community, on our bi-weekly Orcs After Dark stream. Twenty-four Robots went head to head in an excitement-filled Sabotage tournament, and three reigned victoriously. We won’t spoil the outcome, take a look at the video and let us know what your favorite moment was from the broadcast!

We’ve also got some entertaining videos circulating from popular YouTubers. Check out their let's play videos!

Welcome Back to Many War Mages
We’re seeing a lot of old familiar faces on the forums and in game, and wanted to take a minute to say welcome back to early alpha and beta players who have returned for the launch of OMD!U. There are also a few questions that keep coming up that we wanted to address:

One Big, Happy, Global, Orc-Gibbing Community
With update 1.9, European players migrated from the Gameforge service to the Robot service. If you have any questions about what this means for you or your friends please review this very important FAQ!

The Orcs Are Back
A lot of returning War Mages missed our beta announcement in September and the major game update that followed in December so here’s the bullet points:

  • Survival mode plays more like classic Orcs Must Die! than ever before
  • Siege mode is no longer part of the game
  • Sabotage mode has arrived on scene
  • Heroes and game progression have been heavily reworked

If you want to know more, take a look at our original announcement, and let us know what you think about the changes!

Community Questions and Feedback
We’re getting a ton of great feedback from the community on Sabotage mode and the launch update for OMD!U. This feedback really does matter to us here at Robot, and a large part of what I do as the community manager is collect feedback, suggestions, and concerns and present them to the rest of the team here at Robot. Take a moment to join the conversation so your voice can be heard:

Robot Design Team AMA
With the arrival of Survival Mode, Mercenaries, and more, we’re seeing a lot of questions on the forums and in-game. I’ve rounded up some details from our design team below, and you can also check out the AMA that the designers did on Thursday on /r/OrcsMustDie!

We have been seeing questions about how this works and how the teams are made and balanced.

Enemies are scaled to the average level for each team separately. Both sides are fighting the same waves of minions, but they’re scaled for each team’s average level. The minions and bosses you send are scaled to the minion level of the opposing team.

This means that a higher level team will fight higher level enemies and have higher level enemies sent at them, and a lower level team will fight lower level enemies and have lower level enemies sent at them. For this reason, the matchmaker looks not just for players with similar ratings but similar levels.

Cloaked in shadow, the Pride Assassin stalks the battleground invisible to its enemies, hunting down heroes and "marking" them for assassination. When he goes in for the kill, he reveals himself at close range and launches a devastating melee attack. If the hero puts up a fight, the Pride Assassin retreats to the shadows to heal its wounds. Once healed enough, it will return to attack and will keep retreating and attacking until he is killed.

Rushing onto the battleground at great speed, the Chaotic Kobold is hard to hit and kill. What makes him an even more challenging is his penchant for "gifting" crystals all over the battleground that disable nearby traps and slow nearby heroes. But disabling the crystals won't do a hero much good; until he's dead, he will continue to speed around the map placing and re-placing crystals.

Equipped with the ability to shield minions, heal them, and buff them with damage dealing and reduction spells, this slow-moving mercenary, the Dwarf Shaman, protects allied minions while escorting them to the rift. Heroes must either stand inside the shield or kill the Dwarf Shaman to damage his minion allies. Once he reaches the rift, he will go back to the start of a lane to escort more minions.

The last thing a hero wants is to be bounced by the Bouncer Bear. This bear acts as a bodyguard to allied minions and escorts them to the rift. When heroes get too close, he charges them, knocking them back (potentially into battleground hazards) and dealing damage to any barricades in his way. Be careful around the Bouncer Bear, or your hero may find themselves bounced out of the battleground.

What's Up With That Win 2 Sabotage Matches Quest?
The second quest in-game is currently eligible to be abandoned, but there is only one quest option to win 2 Sabotage matches. Don’t abandon that quest as you’ll only get the same quest again. We’re taking a look at this as it’s not a great experience.

PS4 Launch
The official launch of OMD!U has gotten a lot of players excited for the console version. We are happy to say that OMD!U is still slated to launch on PS4 this summer. Tell your friends!

Top Issues
We've corrected an issue where users with bad login credentials were being told their e-mail address was not validated. Users will now be presented with proper messaging that indicates whether the e-mail address has not been validated or whether the login credentials are invalid.

We are aware of several other issues that have been reported by some players including disconnects from games and intermittently not seeing the post-match rewards screen for Sabotage matches. We are investigating these issues as well as monitoring the servers for any launch week issues that may arise.


The official launch is just the beginning for OMD!U and we can’t wait to show you what’s coming next. See you at the rift!

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