Blog: Call To Arms Fundraiser!

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(May 5th, 2017)

Stack Up For The Troops With OMD!U This Weekend!

Join popular YouTube and Twitch gamers for a gibtastic weekend marathon of Orcs Must Die! Unchained streams in support of Stack-Up.Org charity's Call to Arms 2017 fundraiser.

Stack-Up is about using the awesome power of gaming to support US, NATO, and Australian/New Zealand veterans around the world! CALL TO ARMS is Stack-Up's year round drive to support a variety of programs that bring games and gaming gear to combat zones, humanitarian missions, and troops recovering in military hospitals and also support active duty and veteran gamers.

We’ve got a great group of streamers scheduled for the entire weekend, beginning at noon Pacific on Friday, May 5 and ending at noon on Saturday, May 7.

*Note: LillyVinnily will be replacing Ezili at 6AM on Sunday.

Looking for a handy list of streamers with links directly to their streams? Stack-Up has got your back.

Tune in, spread the word, and help us hit our fundraising goal this weekend!

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