Blog: Release 2.1 and Patchnotes!

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(May 16th, 2017)

Release 2.1 - Premium Shoppe - Patch Notes

New Feature: Premium Shoppe

We have a new feature for our most dedicated of players: the Premium Shoppe! This shop is available to players once they have received duplicate trap cards after reaching Tier 7. When this occurs, these duplicates will be converted to Gibs. Gibs can be spent in the Premium Shoppe on chests that have better odds for rare cards, exclusive vanity items, and more!

New Feature: Account Vanity

Players can now customize their in-game avatar and new background art to personalize the dashboard appearance. This can be done by clicking the account background in the top right corner of the dashboard and selecting from the available options. Additional avatars and backgrounds are available in the Premium Shoppe.

New Mercenary: Gnoll Breeder

This mercenary breeds teacup gnolls and trains them to attack heroes. Kill him quickly or he will keep releasing his teacup gnolls!

New For Sabotage: Additional Base Deck Consumables

Players can now expand the base deck of consumables by completing achievements or purchasing them in the store. Additional base deck consumables are not stronger than other consumables, but they do have unlimited charges like other base deck consumables. They have updated card art, and minions and bosses also have updated in-game skins. We've made a special effort to make both the cards and skins look as cool as possible

New For Sabotage: Map And Consumables

  • Falling Folly is now available in Sabotage.
  • Ability Disable Spell: disables a random enemy hero's abilities.
  • Drain Unchained Spell: drain the enemy teams' Unchained meters over time.
  • Crogon Hatchlings: summons a large army of small crogon hatchlings that spit health-draining and slowing poison at heroes that can stack up to 8x. 
Click here to read the detailed patch notes and give us your feedback!
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