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(June 20th, 2017)

Release 2.2 - Chaos Trials - Patch Notes

New Game Mode: Chaos Trials

Chaos Trials are a new and exciting way to play Survival. Players will occasionally discover "Chaos Keys" when playing matches in Survival, Sabotage, Endless, and Weekly Challenges (they have a random chance to be acquired after a match). Each time a team (1-3 players) defeats a chaos trial tier, their chaos key will be upgraded, adding additional modifiers into the mix. However, be careful, each chaos key only has three lives!

Chaos Trials are the most rewarding way to play OMD!U. They offer a chest after every victory including increasing number of skulls based on how far you get. Furthermore, Chaos Trials feature a leaderboard to track your best performance relative to other players.

Read more about Chaos Trials.

New Feature: Full Screen Dashboard And Updated Play Screen

We've heard from many players that the game needs a full screen dashboard. You asked and we listened. This first iteration of the full screen dashboard will make everything scale to fit your screen, however, future iterations will actually begin redesigning the dashboard for a dedicated full-screen experience.

We have also revamped the play screen to make it easier to discover the modes that OMD!Uhas to offer. 

New Mercenary: Image

The iMage is an enemy that splits into multiple variations: Arcane, Fire, Frost, and Lightning. Each variation fires a unique ranged attack. However, only one of these illusions is the real mercenary and it must be slain to defeat the iMage. 

New For Sabotage: Map And Consumables

  • Academy Sewers is now available in Sabotage.
  • Polymorph Chicken: select one enemy hero and turn him or her into a chicken.
  • Immolation Staff: places a staff on the enemy team’s battleground that damages barricades, decoys, and summoner trap retainers.
  • Armored Giants: Summons a medium-sized army of armored giants.

Click here to read the detailed patch notes and give us your feedback!

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