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My review is substantive and constructive. No more BS responses please.


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    "This is either a joke or a troll because your list of issues are almost entirely hyperbolic or plain false.  That being said, I will still presume to take you seriously and wish to address each issue you have raised because I am curious.

    In conclusion, if you are not being facetious in this post, then I believe your issues are related to subpar internet connection or an under powered PC.  Many of your complaints seem pretty outlandish and I'm surprised I haven't seen many of them before.  I'd check your computer stats and make sure they meet minimum requirements then do some testing of your internet and router to make sure your connection is consistent.  You can also right click on the game in your steam library and under properties check your local files tab to verify integrity of game files as a possible solution."

    All of this is true and I proved all of it, but I deleted the videos I made because the developers made it clear they were not interested in fixing anything. My internet connection is 100 Mbps and I have a high end PC. Bugs have absolutely nothing to do with either so this is a retarded argument. Sure, I have tested the integrity of the game.
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    You are welcome to post questions or feedback on these forums. However, repeatedly opening threads with off-site links does not constitute a valid basis for a constructive discussion. 
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