Fix one thing and break another

2 days ago, before the patch update the teleportation ring was working 100% perfect and as intended on PS4. It would teleport me to the rift everytime.

now it is messed up and does not work as intended, as I already know pc players have expressed a problem with it. now we both share common grounds with this bug. 

Why do you release old bugs into new  patches?

why has this not been fixed for PC after so long?

dont get me wrong, i do appreciate the  hard work that goes into the whole process of creating games. 

Look back into the previous PS4 update, maybe you will find out what made the teleportation ring work 100% perfect. This way you can address the problem.


  • They have fixed it for pc. So the playstation is getting the fix next update.

    But at the moment i'll tell you something fun to do. Go on temple graveyard with smolder fire a primary into the sky. Then teleport now you are in the sky.
  • CzassityCzassity Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Hello SecondHeartbeat,

     Thank you for playing Orcs must Die! Unchained and for taking the time to report this.

      The Teleportation ring has received several reports of errors occurring since the most recent patch- and we do apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused you. This error was resolved for the PC edition, however the it is still impacting the PS4 build at this time. Our QA and technical teams are currently investigating and have a resolution in place which we expect to see with the upcoming Wu-Xing patch on the 25th!
  • rayleiraylei Member
    edited October 12
    I see a pattern:
    a bug->reported->fixed in patches after MONTHS later-> the fixing create more hidden bug and NO one knows(otherwise it wouldn't be released right?) ->discovered and upsets the players(cuz from players' perspective, it took really "long" time to fix bugs, the patches are taking REALLY REALLY LONG TIME before released) and new bugs(due to the fixing) appears to be out of nowhere to players)->fixed months later->repeat

    Same goes to the balancing..and it gets worse when balancing introducing new game-changing mechanics
    So this is how we add small words under our post/comments.
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