Hey Harmonia, 4 questions/suggestions

1. When bugs are submitted to the forums, devs are really diligent in responding to the reports. This is great. However, there is no feedback as to whether these issues have been looked at or resolved. This really stinks because players have no way of knowing if the bug will be fixed in the next patch. As patches take 1 month each, if the bug isn't fixed it means another month of hoping the team will fix it.

2. There is currently a bug with the armor reduction resonator. Timemaster myself and several others have encountered it but the only dev response has been "Thanks we'll forward that to the team". Do you think we could get this fixed for the next patch? Please.

3. Bowling Ball on several maps hits a lamp instead of traveling the distance of where it was obviously designed to be of use in these cases.
There has been many responses to this from devs on here and reddit. 21 days ago was the last response. It has been an issue for much longer.


Could we please get someone on this.

4. There is currently a bug where minions that are affected by a haymaker (and really any physics based trap) disapear from the minimap and reappear on a new location in the game world. The distance of replacement on the map varies. However sometimes it results in almost a direct teleport of minions into the rift. You can see this on falling folly, with earth lords especially. The dev response on this has been for months and many reports "Thanks well forward that to the team".

Would sincerely appreciate an update.


  • I know some information about 3.

    That Bowling Ball bug isn't because of the lantern, it is because it doesn't actually fire straight. Which we have been reporting for a while now. Although Timemaster thinks it is because the walls aren't straight, which I disagree with. 

    About the bug, they have tried to fix it for a while, but they can't find what is causing it.
    That is from an Insider Access, when someone asked a question about it.

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    Rip bowling ball. It has been drunk almost a year lol.

    To Timemaster: what is the probability that the walls of this game isn't straight VS the probability that the velocity vector of the bowling balls is off from the normal direction?

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    As a major bug reporter I'll try to give some insight:

    1.  This is the standard reply on the support ticket system:

    We have forwarded everything to our QA and technical teams for further review. They will pick up the investigation from there, and we will be in touch if any further information is required!

    We are not able to keep players up-to-date on their bug reports in real time, so we recommend keeping a close eye on patch notes as they are released at http://forums.orcsmustdie.com/categories/omdu-early-access-patch-notes.

    That part is always added after the specific reply of the ticket. And I can undestand why, it would be quite a lot of work to keep up to date with every single report. 

    I don't know the actual number of bug reports received a day but to give you some perspective, this summer I started using the ticket system to report every bug I found that wasn't reported yet on the public medias (forums, steam, reddit, etc.) and I sent about 300 tickets in the span of 3-4 months.

    I guess that's not the norm but there is many people reporting on different medias and all reports end up in some internal tracking. And like everything on development, it goes through different steps and doesn't necessarily have support or community managers directly interacting with them. 

    Also even if they are already tracking for a while some bug, It needs to be assigned resources to be fixed, as in QA or Dev time to confirm, recreate, find the cause, fix the bug and test again. So a lot of bugs most likely don't have high enough priority to be fixed right away. Like in every game, it's a compromise of Developing New stuff vs Fixing Bugs.

    3. About the bowling ball... I recall from one of the many Insider Access where it was brought up, that they have tested it and confirmed that it was working properly in some sort of isolated testing. (I could be wrong on that) Which people went crazy about it and then they had to say something similar to what @EffingWorms said, that it was a problem but they couldn't find the cause. After some weeks, I thought about it and I did some tests, then I came to the conclusion that it was probably just the walls not forming 90º angles between them, or the floor grid not forming 90º angles with the walls. 

    In the video above, we can see how the bowling ball shot doesn't keep the distance with the wall or the relative position with the floor. But in this example, it keeps both:

    Plus I doubt the trap uses a different mechanic or property than other projectiles in the game like hero projectiles or other trap projectiles like the arrow walls. So it should be very easy to spot if the vector weren't working properly.

    4. Physics problem has been a thing ever since physics were introduced. Since the very first moment it was like that. It probably needs a pretty big rework of the mechanic to fix it, which is probably costly to do.

    I have to confess that I have got too used to it. Most of the times I can even tell where the minions actually are, and as you might know, if you shoot at where they really are, you deal damage to them. I know this isn't the point but it's quite easy to "scout" with the hero attacks to find where a minion really is by shooting a couple shots around if you really need to.
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