Trip Wire


As much as i have been playing (almost 300h) - i have not seen anyone using trip wire. Is anyone even using them?


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  • I don't even understand how that trap is supposed to work.  Minions have to be close to activate the trip wire.  That is supposed to activate traps near the trip wire.  But minions close enough to activate the trip wire would also be close enough to activate the traps connected to the trip wire, so ???

    I just don't understand what the potential benefit of the trap is or why I would want to put it in a loadout versus other options.
  • the trip wire activate all trap in proximity, even those on cooldown...

    wallblade hust hit an ogre, and he`s not dead, ogre corss trip wire, wall blade reactivate again... ogre =dead
    or wall blade activate on ogre, everything after the ogre is goiing to pass without any damage,  then ogre cross tripwire, all traps reactivate, killing what would have pass threw
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