(PS4) Frostbite Endless - Auto-completing?

So I've done Frostbite on Endless 3 times now with Oziel, Smolder, and Cygnus, and each time the game auto-completes around wave 20. It happened at the beginning of wave 22 with Cygnus, the end of wave 22 with Smolder, and close to the end of wave 19 with Oziel.

No, my rift wasn't overrun or anything, the match just ends, victory dance and all. It's not a disconnection, it's not an error crash, the match just ends. Completion summary comes up as usual, with new hero victory chests and the like.

Not sure if this is known or not. I did read that other post about the Teleportation Ring, so I'm not sure if this is something that came with the Chaos Trial patch and they know about it (since the PS4 version is behind the PC version).

I am unsure if this is something that is afflicting just this single Frostbite map, as I haven't played the other Endless maps much since the Chaos Trials release.

If this is something new that is not yet known, I can post a video of it happening.


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    Maybe it's due to game length? In PC the match ends at 3h 30min no matter what.

    PS4 might have it too or maybe lower?
  • To combat the blue screen bug they made the game length 40 minutes on PS4.
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  • To combat the blue screen bug they made the game length 40 minutes on PS4.
    If that is the case, that means that it will be near-impossible to get to wave 25 on the PS4.

    If that's what it is, it's happening before the 40 minute mark each time. As an update, it just happened again on Crogon Keep Endless, my finish time was 35 minutes (this was at the end of wave 14).

    If I recall correctly, my Oziel run on Frostbite was lower than that, I believe 30 minutes.
  • Here is the quote from a bug fixer.

    Czassity said:
    Hi Everyone!

    We have some news on the PS4 Blue Screen Crash like we would like to share.

    While we are still investigating the error and it is our top priority, a temporary fix was placed in this Patch which PS4 Players should see take effect when entering Endless matches.

    Once an Endless match has loaded, a default time limit of 40 minutes will be set. This timer continues during breaks in-between waves, and once the 40 minute mark is reached, the match will end in a Victory screen. While the timer may make certain maps more difficult to reach 5 Stars on, it also prevents a player from walking away from time spent in Endless matches empty handed as a result of blue screen crashes which occur later in Endless matches.

    We know this bug has been a source of immense frustration, and while this fix may not be ideal- it provides a temporary solution while our technical teams continue to search for a permanent fix.

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  • Oh, interesting. Thanks for showing me that.

    Well, at least it's good to read it's only temporary, since it would be a ridiculous permanent fix. 

    I guess that is what is happening then, as my character's various times seem to coincide with the 40 minute timer (I was wrong about my time with Oziel after checking it). What I didn't expect is that the timer starts immediately upon starting the match, and because the actual match timer doesn't start until you initiate the first wave, I was seeing the victory screen before it said 40 minutes.

    Anyway, I suppose it isn't a bug then. Thanks again for pointing it out, hopefully they can get the error code fixed with the next patch, because all I have left to do is Endless, and unfortunately the Master/Rift Lord maps are wayyy too difficult (if even possible) to complete in 40 minutes.
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