First ever [NuNs] Community event!!!

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It is our great pleasure to officially announce the first official [NuNs] (Ninja Assault Nuns event)! Our members, with the support of @Harmonia, have collaborated to create a competition that we hope will provide a fresh new way to look at endless mode, with an emphasis on increasing community participation and giving the cooperative experience a welcome boost. As a valued part of the OMD:U community you are invited to participate in this event, which is a small step in an ongoing effort by NuNs to provide an even greater experience for all players and to help you feel more rewarded for the efforts you make in completing the diverse content the game has to offer.

The NuNs community event features the new “Castle Gates” endless map for levels 26 and over. No one as yet has played or had time to test different strategies for this map so we are confident that this will be a fresh, new, and engaging experience for every one of you. Future events will tackle existing maps but this one is a blank slate!

Rules for joining the event:

1.       Everyone that would like to participate is invited to team up with two friends to form a three-member party. Each team must assign a party leader and that person will post on the forum link provided with both the in-game name of each player in his party.  Only 3-player parties will be included in this event. This event is only for PC players.

Note: teams that do not sign up to participate cannot compete and will not be considered for prizes. You *must* register to be part of the event.

2.       EACH team member will then add Ragnarosorak as a friend in game. This is necessary because as adjudicator, he will be recording each teams score on the map, individually.

Note: please refrain from asking questions in game as you can imagine he would be too busy to answer them. Feel free to ask any question you might find necessary on this thread.

3.       The event will start immediately after the patch is released on the 1st of November, and will last for 7 days, ending at 10 am Central time on Wednesday the 8th of November. During this time every team will attempt to achieve the highest score they can.

4.       At the end of the 7th day we will stop the event and the winners will be announced shortly afterwards.

5.       After the announcement the names will be sent to @Harmonia and her team will award each player with a skin/dye of THEIR OWN CHOOSING!

Note: prizes must be available to purchase from the in-game shop at the time of the event, via chest or direct purchase. No exclusive, limited, or promotional skins are eligible.

6.       Prizes will be awarded to each player in the winning teams that finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively, so there are 9 prizes up for grabs in total.

Thank you for being part of this,

[NuNs] community

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  • bonjour seulement sur pc ? 
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    1.Just to be extra clear. After you decided your team, assign a team leader that will post HERE (as comment) each member lvl and name. This counts as registration and after this you have to ADD Ragnarosorak in game AS FRIEND. 

    2.Also after some talks with several players we decided to introduce a 4th standby player rule : you can optionally have a 4th player as a reserve teammate but you must notify Ragnarosorak if you switch them into your team and this player must be specified as STANDBY iin your forum registration. 

    Extra clarification. only 3 man parties can register and you dont have to beat the best in order to win, you just have to be TOP3 with your team, thats all so dont give up if you think you cant beat the crazy guys that are number 1, you can still be number 2 or 3.

    Thank you
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  • Yes and as a [NuNs] community player on discord, I will be there :).

    @shreckbleu It's always better to reply in the original post language !
    (french) Il est préférable de répondre dans la langue d'origine du message, cet évenement est organisé par la communauté discord [NuNs] présente sur Pc donc OUI j'imagine.
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    Comme le dit Sou1Reaper, merci de répondre dans la langue d'origine du message shreckbleu. Si vous ne pouvez pas écrire en Anglais, merci alors de poster uniquement dans le forum français ;)
    French Community Manager
  • sorry
  • Team Cats with Hats reporting:
    1. MadnessIRL - lv93
    2. SirSleepsALot - lv100
    3. Sorohendi - lv100
  • XerokeeXerokee Member
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    Team Super-Trooper reporting in:
         1.Xerokee- lvl 97(lvl 98 now)
         2.SemiFantastic-lvl 100
         3.Volfrenz-lvl 100
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    Team Taste My Deadeyes has joined the party :
    1. CalledL - lvl100
    2. Silence1982 - lvl100
    3. Sou1Reaper - lvl100
  • Team "Pink Fluffy Unicorns":
    1. Matoho - Level 99
    2. ElaMonster - Level 97
    3. bot12 - Level 99
  • Yay! The Unicorns are here to stay :D
  • poudeepoudee Member
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    Team NameLess 
    1. FreaKI - 100
    2. Yokies - 100 
    3. poudee - 100
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  • Team The Underdogs
    1. Roudalfo - 82
    2. Larinurse - 83
    3. Elenaki - 63
  • team Cats against Hats
    1. phattony-97
    2. Yeldarb-100
    3. Rocki-59
  • GelvelikGelvelik Member
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    Team: Dogs With Beards
    1. Gevelik - 88
    2. Rabob - 100
    3. Menhoka/Kalipox - TBD

    Sub: KCSlater - 80
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  • Hey everyone, 

    Last night on Orcs After Dark, a Robot team set a target score of 5,222,260. Anyone who takes part in this event and beats the Robot team score will also be awarded a Lionheart Max skin as an additional prize, whether their team places in the top 3 or not. Game on!

    Robot Entertainment | Former Community Manager
  • Hi, I really want to get into this event.

    But we've only got 2 players if anyone whats to join us for saturday we should be availiable for most of the day.

    If you want to just throw me a private message on the forums. I'm a lvl 100 with some skills and the Worms is lvl 93.
  • Team: Something we didn't discuss
    1. RedSpirit
    2. DaTeddyBear
    3. EffingWorms
  • apinapin Member, War Mage Founder
    If someone need 1 player into team, feel free to contact me ingame. Im lvl99(almost 100) and I will avaiable monday+tuesday ;)
    First and only CZ&SK funsite of OMD series

  • Team : Asian Coalition
    1. insidehouse - LV100
    2. nickexe - LV100
    3. hubert9527 - LV100

  • If someone needs one extra player, please contact me (Silentist).
    I'm currently level 98, and is willing to play as any character.
    I'm available today, Sunday afternoon, and Monday/Tuesday after 5:00pm EST. Thanks.
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