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I've looked at the leaderboards (PS4) for single player Rift Lord survival.  The top score for most Rift Lord maps average around 13MM-15MM.  I look at the leaderboard for Rift Lord Chaos Trial and see the second place score is 32MM after one tier completion.  Is there a Chaos modifier that helps boost scoring?  Just wondering because it seems like the score average per map/tier for a lot of the Chaos Trial leaderboards (including other difficulty levels) is actually higher than the best leaderboard scores for the same map groups in Survival.


  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    Party size?
  • Well you can always look at the score algorithm... Scores explained - How score is calculated

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  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    Well you can always look at the score algorithm... Scores explained - How score is calculated

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  • The leaderboards for Chaos Trials don't show/differentiate by party size.  But it's pretty obvious that the player who has 2nd place on the leader board either played by him/herself or with OMGHx (who is #1).  So, 32MM in one map either solo or with a 2 person party.

    I don't see any scores on the Rift Lord survival leaderboards for 1 or 2 man parties anywhere close to that.
  • JacowboyJacowboy Member, Early Access
    I think scores are now heavily influenced by combos, so the more & higher combos you can do, the better your score will be... so a 3 people party with lots of different traps and heros can rack up some pretty monstrous combos.
  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    There are sevearl over 30m and some 40m on PC for 1 player. Since score from combos is exponential, parties of 2 or 3 that would take it seriously could easily get twice and more than that. It's just something not very explored in party yet on PC.
  • @Berninhell you might of overlooked some of the last rift lord surv maps. He was by himself in his run, not with me. DTkills a good player. 

    Some of the modifiers in CT will potentially mess you up from getting a good score, that's about it. 
  • Certain additional enemies may play a benefit in the low tiers on smaller maps, but potentially will hurt your score in high tiers.
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