Bartender in combat aura issue

Just noticed that with Blackpaw the Bartenders in combat aura was only affecting his E ability and not his Q or Secondary ability.  Don't know if this is what should be happening, but the Bartenders description just says ability cooldown, leading me to believe it should affect more than just E.


  • BrasegapokBrasegapok Member
    edited January 7
    I experienced that as well, 45 seconds on the bartender's aura, and still 45 seconds outside the bartender's aura. 
    It might be intended in order to not spam the ability while unchained maybe?
    If they don't want it to be too powerfull they could change the aura so everytime you are around her each second counts as 3(or maybe more), which means that from 45 seconds you get 42 seconds after 1 second. or a combination of both effects, cooldown reduction around her when the ability is used and cooldown acceleration
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