Different Loadouts With Different Parts!!!

Hey there!
I was wondering if it would be possible to add different loadouts with different parts (e.g. 1st loadout: viscous with exp siphon - 2nd loadout viscous with mana siphon). I think it'd be a great feature to all the players that want play over and over again the same map trying different traps/parts set up.
What do you think?


  • @plusqua I think it would be too hard to do since you will have to go through all the different loadouts to modify each traps everytime you create a new loadout, requiring you to change all the seven traps you have, having you to place 21 part slots everytime when they are all tier 7.
    and even more difficult when you're into the game's lobby and you have to change traps depending on the map you're up to.

    But the thing that makes it impossible is that you have a limited ammount of parts (since the extra parts are changed into gibs), using a part would mean that the part isn't placeable anywhere else.

    Overall it would make everything more confusing and less intuitive to use, where you actually have a whole page dedicated to it (workshop upgrade trap).

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