Sabotage add on

I would like to have a portal spell in sabotage. You would open up a 5-10sec portal that players could enter to the other side. All trinkets would be disabled and you would have minion protection and could not attack cades. You could however attack players. Then when killed you would spawn back at your own rift. It would add a little pvp action into sabotage. Create more chaos and in my opinion that's what sabotage is all about. those portals might even appear randomly after 10min of sudden death. Some sudden death matches have been reported to take almost an hour. Witch is a bit much for the "sudden" part. Also some heros are really bad when it comes to sudden death, maybe instead of the 50% nerf in sudden death can be replaced by longer cool downs and minion buffs so more hero's would be playable.


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    And please have it so that players can sell others traps in sabotage as default. There are too many me players in sabo. I had a random matchup where I and another player chatted before the game started and agreed on a strategy but the third player was a "Me" player and did things his way and would not reply to our comments. It really sucks when you have a saboteur on you team.

    ps. Maybe make it possible for me to block players from playing with me.
  • @Sorohendi but how can you defend your rift if you go attack the other players? i already thought of the possibility but it cannot work, plus some characters became too powerful to do that.

    i agree about the 50%, there should be something else instead of that on sudden death, it's just not fun to die so easly, maybe just getting 0.5% less max health each second until reaching 50% less hp in order to make it a bit less impactful.

    and denying people to play with you isn't a great option, even tho you wished to just ignore a player he just won't get good at the game if everyone rejects him
  • Not everyone would have to leave to the other side, that would just be bad playing. Some players are just trolls and I dont want to play with trolls, I'd like to block them. If everyone would block someone, that would say it all for that player.
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    Hi everybody,

    You're making some interesting points about Sabotage. Don't hesitate to discuss this topic further, I will share your ideas with the team!

    French Community Manager
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    Nah, My 4th post has vanished. So I don't really see the point anymore. I'll leave the theorycrafting to the developers.

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