Water Gardens Master 10minutes????



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    9:48. I might be able to shave 4 seconds off that but yea. 
    edit: 10:30 minutes seems fair to me. 10:00 leaves almost no room for error. 
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    Par time is ridiculous, glad it's getting changed.  For anyone trying to get it I highly recommend midnight
  • Randre said:
    9:48. I might be able to shave 4 seconds off that but yea. 
    edit: 10:30 minutes seems fair to me. 10:00 leaves almost no room for error. 
    for levels 33-39, I believe that 10:30 is still quite difficult, if not impossible. A level 100 must use all his experience with traps and consumables to beat 9:30 - 9:40, without use barricades to change the direction of the orcs.
    So, I used barricades to make enemies go to the east entrance. I did not use consumables and I killed slowly. Considering that lower lvls can not easily handle a spawn.
    I think a fair time for those who are in the Master level would be at least 11:45, max 12:30.
  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access

    I gave it a few tries, should be possible to get close to 9:20 if you try enough :)
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    raylei said:
    I soloed this one with Max. For damage-wise, I am lv100 and I used Feeling Fierce(10% extra damage trait), Overachiever(+1 battle level at the beginning), one rage potion, floor spikes, arrow wall, pounder, and big game hunter ballista. No barricade. I had 9 seconds left rip. Floor spike op? 
    Congrats Ray!  My try was similar to yours ... but with Deadeye (IIRC) and I didn't think to use pounders or consumables ... great thinking.

    As to this patch, it's definitely good and shows a ton of good work on the part of the Robot team.  There is dissonance in the Eastern/Western mix now, but that's probably a good thing overall.

    So far, I don't really like the new minions; it's pushing me to physical damage (trap and hero) and no tar ... i.e. boring (floor spikes, grinders/arrow walls as the core to everything).  Earth elementals are the biggest pain so far ... I suppose throwing in some brimstone (also boring)  at the end of the nearly infinite line of floor spikes would mitigate that ;)

    This patch was obviously pushed out the door before it was ready.  The par time on this map is the same as the apprentice one.  It's impressive that some of us have been able to 5* it (not me :).  The big game stuff should target the new minion hunters.  The fireling nerf is effective ... now I don't really care about them when I know they are coming.  They were more problematic before when they could and did burn your hero to a crisp.  The don't spawn on out of bounds change is a very good one.  Having them just appear from out of the goo or the ocean was gratingly dumb.

    I'm still irritated by the nerf of the stunning accumulators.  It was clearly a change to make life at T9-12 chaos trials difficult for the handful of people that can win at that level.  I and most of the people I play with can't, even with the long standing but recently changed behavior w/r/t large minions.  I suspect that's most of us.  In other words, a nerf that helps the .01% get appropriately challenged and has the rest of us stop trying at T7 or 8 :)
  • First try as two player (although very high level accounts), ten minutes precisely. 
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    Well my friend had 99lvl smolder and i got 85lvl stinkeye. We both used rage potions and experience potions so it was easy... i never used anything to make 5 stars on other maps. But it was fun. İ also made 9:57 20rift points 4stars with max didnt try twice tho. With max i didnt use potions.
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    thought i would share my 5 star clear video. Also note that after beating wave 3 it delays a short bit (similar to how throne room does). This can affect your par times because you are waiting for no reason.


  • GorksterGorkster Member, Early Access
    It's really too tight for the intended level range. Doable at 100. Had 2 seconds left solo with dobbin using a gate camp/ice-shard spam strategy. Didn't use tunnels so definitely can be accelerated a bit but not buy too much.
  • BragdrasBragdras Member, Master Founder, Early Access
    Yup, the timing is terrible, far from impossible, but it ends up being yet another map that just isn't enjoyable to 5-skull.
    Plus the first wave of golems taking just about forever to break the door is basically a kick in the nuts.

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    liels said:

    So far, I don't really like the new minions; it's pushing me to physical damage (trap and hero)
    Does the magic armor reduce damage from traps as well?
  • liels said:

    So far, I don't really like the new minions; it's pushing me to physical damage (trap and hero)
    Does the magic armor reduce damage from traps as well?
  • I just played it for the first time without knowing the map, done in 9:56 minutes, 5 stars. Used midnight, floor spikes spam and walls.

    As a level 100 it was very easy. But I agree that the par time should be 10:30.
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    I don't think level 100 with T7 traps and only the highest fastest DPS hero types like Midnight should be used as a gauge for a MASTER difficulty map's par time.  Even 10:30 is waaaaay too low for anything anywhere near the intended level range, and that's before you consider heros like Hogarth.
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    For the level range 10 min is absurd.

    I'm lv 93 with T7 traps and this map was harder than all the other new maps including the Rift Lord ones,  it took some time but I eventually got the 5th star -it's was easier playing as Midnight-

    IMO if you need to kill the minions as soon as they leave the gates to the get that 5th star then something is wrong.

  • Is it just me or does this map's 10 minute Par time feel unfairly low? Maybe I'm just bad but, me and my friends are killing these enemies right at the doors, as in they are barely getting anywhere out of their spawns, but we still don't meet par time. It doesn't help having the 10 second count down before every wave starts which just adds to the time of the overall match. I feel as though at least one minute should be added to the requirement for Par on this map.
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    Guys, thank you for all your feedback. I have merged some threads about the par time and I can only quote what ShadeDev has said about this.

    ShadeDev said:
    Thanks for the feedback.  We will be adjusting the par time in a future patch.
    You have been heard  =)
    German Community Manager
  • Do the devs even test their maps before releasing them? :/ 
  • Did it at level 70. This was very difficult because my ballistas, blades and most importantly, my scorchers are only level 5. A lot of tries with different heroes, but did it with Max. Placed big game hunting ballistas to deal with unstable rifts and prayed they didn’t show up in the middle of the map. 4 Blades, 1 scorcher, 7 spikes and 5 ballistas on the left side, with one Great Wall barricade blocking so they don’t go both ways.
    Blocked off the left path to the rift and placed bartender on the right lane. 
    Top gate had 4 scorchers, 4 tar and 4 spikes, while placing 2 Great Wall barricades going toward the bartender to slow their pathing. Serpent guardian near bridge. Scorchers, blades and tar going from top toward the bartender. This stops everyone who might be able to sneak past on the left side. 
    Right side gate, I blocked off their path toward the rift, so they had to go through my guardian and the killbox up there. Used the rest of my trap cap with ballistas on that side. Everything gets annihilated by that. As soon as 3rd gate is open I start my rounds over there and smash everything that comes out and immediately go to top gate and kill everything so that all die the second they step out. 
    Got it with 9.59. 
    Doable, but definitely the most challenging par time for me yet.
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    It may be an oversight. The lower difficulty level of the same map had a 10min par time. 
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