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  • Here you are guys google translate:

    Press the speaker button.
    Keep it secret, Keep it safe.
    New? Here are some Game Tipz.
  • Okay, so I was a little off (also, I had to switch the two around, otherwise it was translating a space between the "W" and "U" for some reason)
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    I'm really enjoying the patch!  The new maps are gorgeous and they force me to change up my game a bit instead of using my usual traps.  Yi-Lin is fun to play, and I like how you need to rotate her abilities to play her effectively. 

    The new event is interesting in that it gives you lots of objectives, but I don't know if I like the short amount of time it takes for them to expire.  I missed a couple of them because I had no idea an event was gonna take place.  I like having to do different stuff, so maybe each objective could be changed to 3 or 4 days instead of 2?  And maybe a 2 week warning on the home screen for when events will take place.  OMDU is a great game, but there are others I play as well.

    love the new costumes(especially the ladies) with one exception.  Midnight's is boring and her face...well, Wester artists need to learn that drawing the nasolabial folds on a woman makes her look like an old lady(Zoe looks 40+ in her victory art).  It's one of those things that only look right in real life.  Gah, my sexy cat-girl would get the only non-sexy outfit
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