Skin/ Heroic Dyes specific modifications to heroes

Dear developpers,
I know that suggestion might be completely insane to realize but here it is:
most players see skins/heroic dyes as being completely irrelevant, it changes nothing on gameplay etc...
Here are some ideas to make skins more interesting for players:
1. It would be nice to add would be new voices for specific skins (maybe skip that one)
2. new visual effects on skins:
                  -for Dobbin's santa's little helper skin, make him throw explosive gifts to the ennemies! (like dinamites wrapped in different colored ribbons),
                  - Blackpaw's tutu D'Loo skin that can summon more "girly" gnolls from call to the beyond skill.
                  - making bones fall off Blackpaw's paw of the dead skin while using pounce 
                  - Gabriella's mistress of illusion skin shoots random "magical" effect's (flying cards, magic dust, flowers) with her kinetic pulse
                  - Hogarth's AMBUSH! skill reworked to make HIM play the guitar before landing (that one would be amazing)
3. adding other color effects on attack animations:
                  -shooting projectiles with other colors ( example: red rope and arrows for ivy's wicked warden skin)
                  -(not sure if existing) making a weapon's visual effect attack (kind of wave near the weapon's swing) the same color as the                                weapon
4. sound effect matching the weapon used by the hero               
                   -I haven't seen the deadeye skin for the good, the bad, and the deadeye skin in action yet, but maybe make it have guns visual
                   and sound effects
                   -balloon axes making a more plastic-like sound when hitting ennemies on both hogarth and bloodspike's specific skins
I'm out of ideas but you could ask the community for some other modifications on skins (feel free to add some more below).

On my point of view, those modifications could make skins more valuable and feel more special using them, making people more curious about what skin does what. but as i said this might take a lot of time and effort to do.
A lot of games already do those things (like overwatch to mention only one) so why not orcs must die! Unchained as well?

thanks again to the develloping team for making this awesome game and i hope my suggestion was somehow relevant.



  • Please, make this happen
  • Hmm, for me, I'd actually buy skins if they allowed me to choose the ones I actually like, chests can give you anything from their pool, even for a character I might not have, so it really does not feel worth it for me.

    The Blackpaw one, I'd buy chests for that one actually xD would be amazing.
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    It would be cool to have dyes for Yi-lin that actually changes the precious material used for her sentinel form instead of only jade, we could have ruby sentinel, saphire sentinel, topaz sentinel etc... Though it wouldn't fit some of the voice lines that Yi-lin has or skills names eighter, but since it's just a color dye i don't think it matters that much, it would require to show the ability "Jade Sentinel" on the video presenting the heroic dye in order to see the new colors added to them.
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  • KulinaKulina Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Hi guys,

    Thank you for your suggestions regarding skins and dyes! Don't hesitate to discuss this topic further and add new ideas, I will share them with the team ;)

    French Community Manager
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