Just need a lil helps

So basically, I invited my friend Mantis-41 (on ps4) to my guild in game. The problem is he didn't get an invite.. I even went downstairs and took a look at the screen and there was nothing there so I was wondering if anybody knew what was going on or if it's a bug maybe? But I'm not sure what's going on :( 


  • can he ask to join guild in the PS4 version of OMDU?
  • CzassityCzassity Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Hello DemonicEevee!

     Sorry for the delay in the reply to this bug you encountered! After some research we can see your friend's account (Mantis-41) and show they are currently in a Guild, were you able to get the invitation through to them? If you are still having difficulties with Guild invitations please feel free to submit a ticket to us with your PS4 Username, and we can investigate this with you directly! :)
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