Achievement ideas

Hello fellow orcs slayers!
I just had a look at the achievements there was in the game and i have a few ideas for new ones

 1. i'm pretty surprized that there's not any "hero possession" achievement. It would be nice to be rewarded for the numbers of heroes the players have 
2. a reward for wearing different skins than default one for the player's possessed heroes and winning with them for X ammount of times (fashion victim could be the name? or killing with style?)
3. Community event contribution, helping to archieve a certain percentage (25% maybe?) of the objectives given (would stack with each objective) (community helper/contributer could be a fitting name)
4. Guild oriented achievement:
                    -making valuable to create your own guild for 1000 skulls
                    -playing X ammount of time with your guild members
5. Friend oriented achievement:
                    -making X friends
                    -playing X ammount of time with your friends

Some of the rewards would be badges, new titles, new avatars for your vanity, maybe even skulls!

Now i know that the game also made achievements for PS4 users: the trophies, and i don't know if it's possible to add more trophies for them, so maybe those won't be added as trophies but just in-game rewards for the player to get?

anyway those were some ideas to make the gaming experience more enjoyable for players, feel free to comment on my ideas or add some of your ideas below this discussion!



  • One more: Completely forgot an account level achievement! 
    we need something for that so wanted level 100! (and maybe lvl 50 as well)
    although i haven't reached level 100 yet and i don't know what reward you get from it since you get rewards each level.
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