More whisper/private messages options

Dear developpers,
Right now in the game, the only way to whisper / send private messages at someone is by having it in the friends list.
Could it be possible to add the possibility to send private messages at a username in the different chats without having to be friend with it? it could be added in the options available while clicking at a specific username:

 -Add Friend
- Private Message
- Invite to Party
- Invite to Guild

and also remove the error "you are not friends with <username>" while trying to whisper to a player that's not your friend while in game by using  /w <username> message  or /whisper <username> message

I ask for this option in order to directly communicate with a particular person without having to add it as a friend first (since people won't just accept a friend request easly) making communication a little less chaotic in the chat because most players don't use @<;username> before talking in the chat to know with who he is talking to.

Thanks a lot for creating this awesome game and i am looking forward for it's future.



  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    I alwaty wanted something like this but this should come with an option to allow/disallow whispers from people not on your friendlist.

    Just like there should be an option for the same on guild/friend invites.

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