[PC] Bug: Yi-lin picking up mana pickups on party

Title: Yi-lin picking up mana pickups on party
In-Game [PC] (haven't tried Ps4)
any map (bug seen in throne room rift lord)
Reproduction Steps:

1. Launch Orcs Must Die Unchained. 
2. Login with an OMDU account. 
3. create a party with heroes requiring mana and Yi-lin (heroes used were Temper, Yi-lin and Gabriella, I don't know if it's relevant)
4. play a chaos trials game
(mods included
- mana drain,
- more unstable rifts
- mercenaries spawn on death
-rift points lost on death
-faster heroes
-expensive hunter traps
-lighting shield
-more unchained drops
i don't know if it's relevant)
5. manage to spawn a mana pickup from an ennemy while in combat
6. walk into the mana pickup as Yi-lin

Reproduction Rate: 
3/3 attempts, but on the same map (throne room rift lord) and same game

 weirdly enough while slaughtering order minions on chaos trials with someone else's key, I realized that i was able to steal mana pickups as Yi-Lin, but since they were mana pickups, they weren't filling my energy, but i was able to deny my ally(1 player was gabriella, the other was temper) to pickup the mana pickup.

So the same sound effect was played while picking the mana pickup and the pickup disappeared as usual, but without having any effect on my energy bar, denying my friend to use it instead.

then i retried to play but alone this time (but on survival) but the mana pickup couldn't be picked.

The issue didn't seem to affect Temper, for the times i played the character on chaos trials and survival, i couldn't steal mana pickups from other players.

I post the bug without retrying to properly recreate it, but I have definetly seen the issue and the bug could really cause problems in harder situations than the one i was in front of.

Expected Results: 
Yi-lin should not be able to take mana pickups instead of the other players


  • sashimiaksashimiak Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Thank you for taking the time to post this! I have passed the report on to the team for investigation so we can get it fixed ASAP. 
    German Community Manager
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