Text error with midnight's 4th tier ability

Title: Text error with midnight's 4th tier ability
any map
Reproduction Steps:

1. Launch Orcs Must Die Unchained. 
2. Login with an OMDU account. 
3. Start a game with summoner trap on your loadout and play midnight
4. Upgrade midnight level to 10 and select "sharing the shadow" upgrade
5. out of combat (easier to watch) activate prowl near an allied arcane guardian summoned by the summoner trap
6. (bonus) bring a blackpaw in the party, and activate midnight's "prowl" upgraded by the tier 10 near the minions called by "call of the beyond" from blackpaw
Reproduction Rate: 
10/10 attempts

 the upgrade  sharing the shadow says that only nearby heroes can enter the prowl for 5 seconds,
Curious, i decided to play a game with summoner traps to see if the arcane guardian summoned by the trap weren't affected by the prowl sharing, and i realized that they also were invisible for the ennemies once i used the ability, (until they lost the prowl after attacking) and i had a pretty strong suspicion that the minions summoned by blackpaw would also be affected by the prowl sharing. so i managed to play with a friend to see, and it indeed turned blackpaw's gnolls invisible as well!

the point of this discussion would be to eighter change the ability to respect exactly what it says: sharing the prowl only to the heroes, or change the text to "nearby allies (except guardians)" instead of "nearby heroes"

I also realized that the text says neaby, is it a typo and should be spelled nearby?

Expected Results n°1: 
text of the tier 10 "sharing the shadow" should be "Activating Prowl causes neaby/nearby allies (except guardians) to also enter prowl for 5s" 
Expected Results n°2: nothing else than allied heroes should be turning invisible.


  • Honestly, I didn't know this could work but I kinda like that it does! Makes the ability more useful is it can synergize with summons. I vote for leaving it that way and changing the text (provided that it actually boosts the power of their first attack). :)
  • it would be a great adding to the game if there was more ways to summon minions to help the players
  • KulinaKulina Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Hello Brasegapok,

    Thank you for this extensive report! Our team will look into this asap ;)

    French Community Manager
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