Mercenary idea: the crogon

Dear developpers,

With Siege mode's disappearance, we also lost a nice side-boss behind: the crogon from the unchained fortress.
Instead, there are her babies: the crogon hatchlings.
How about bringing her back with the appearance of a new mercenary: the crogon?
she would work almost the same way the did on siege mode with some new addings:
-she can disappear to regen some hp while out of combat
-she spits weak ranged attacks that poisons the heroes and slows them up by 5% speed up to 25% speed (+5% each hit), slows and damages over time would stack the more she spits an ennemy hero, each stack holds for a second
-her strong attacks on melee would deal small bleeding to heroes and would have 2-5% lifesteal
-she would eventually make a spin attack dealing massive damage and knockbacking heroes into a large area around the crogon (casting time: 3 seconds)
-she doesn't follow the heroes, she guards a specific spot: a territorial mercenary
-the difference with the actual lion mercenary is that the crogon does not choose it's targets and do not try to flee the combat when low hp, but when it is disengaged from a fight, she disappears, by digging a hole, and would pop up anywhere else on the map with some hp restored.

the strategy to kill that mercenary would be to deal with her only when possible, trying to move her away from your killbox while fighting ennemy minions, or by making the mercenary guard a spot that is not used by the players and totally ignore her for the rest of the game, maybe make her dig again sometimes if left alone for too long.

It would add a new way to play around an ennemy that is hard to kill, preferring playing in a more restricted area.
It would be a mercenary that only appears on master and rift lord maps in order to let more experienced players deal with it.

The crogon is probably too overpowered the way that i explained her, it would need some testing and rebalancing in order to feel a bit more defeatable, but it would add some more variety than the usual mercenaries and it would be a great way to bring the crogon back in the game.

the poison idea came since the crogon hatchlings spits poisons the heroes on hit
the lifesteal idea came from blackpaw's attacks (tier 10 ability) and the lifesteal traits
the bleeding came from blackpaw and Yi-lin ability to wound a target
the speed debuff idea came from the crogon meat slow when the crogon is killed
the spinning idea came from the usual crogon's abilities from siege mode
the guarding a specific spot comes from the usual crogon that stays on it's swamp, loosing aggro when ennemies are no longer in the area

I really hope that this idea can be added into the game, it would be nice to see the crogon once again, making more variety in the mercenaries and the way to play the game.

Thanks again for this awesome game and i'm looking forwards to the future of orcs must die! Unchained



  • KulinaKulina Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Hi Brasegapok,

    Thank you for your suggestion regarding the Crognon's come back as a mercenary. I will share your idea with the team ;)

    French Community Manager
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