Support abilities not being affected by cooldown reduction during Unchained?

As the title states, Support abilities do not seem to receive a reduced cooldown during Unchained (like all other abilities do), and I'm merely curious to know if this is intentional or not.

If it is intentional, I would also be curious about what the reasoning is behind it.

I initially noticed this while playing as Bloodspike, but my curiosity led me to test it with other characters (or rather, the characters that it makes a difference with) and noticed it happens with all of them. There are only 6 characters at the moment that have Support abilities, but the cooldowns for Oziel's, Deadeye's, and Yi-Lin's respective abilities are so short (if they even exist), that it's basically a moot point for those characters.

This only really affects the capability of Bloodspike, Temper, and Zoey during Unchained, as their Support abilities have longer cooldowns (particularly Bloodspike).

Given that Bloodspike's ability of Homicidal Frenzy helps with damage output due to its attack speed increase, this negatively impacts him during Unchained. Homicidal Frenzy has a 32 second cooldown, which means that you're not going to be able to use it more than once during Unchained. Given how the buff only lasts ~6 seconds (without the Battle Level upgrade), this leaves it to be a bit unappealing to use.

It is less of an issue with Temper and Zoey, as their Support abilities can be viewed as more situational.

At first I thought this might be a bug, but seeing as it happens with all characters, it could be intentional.
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