Voice chat taking up bandwidth even when not in use

Sometimes I play a quick match or two while I'm on lunch break at work.  Unfortunately I have to rely on my mobile Internet connection which is only 256 kbit/s.  Despite the slow speed the game was playable until the 2.5 patch, although higher difficulties were harder than usual.  Now there's a roughly one-second lag to everything, which makes the game entirely unplayable.  Task manager quickly revealed that discord_voice_support.exe was taking most of the available bandwidth, despite me playing solo and not having clicked the "join voice chat" button.  I looked for an option to disable voice chat entirely but couldn't find one.  Killing the process didn't help, but renaming it to something else and restarting the game prevented it from being launched and the game became playable again.

Could the voice chat support be improved so that it doesn't consume network bandwidth if it's not being used?  Or if that's not possible, can an option be added that prevents the voice chat process from being launched?


  • KulinaKulina Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Hello databeaver,

    I moved your post to the Suggestion Box and I'll share it with the team ;)

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